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  • Each program has “Customized” Elements to suit each group
  • A minimum of 4 Weeks Advance Reservation is suggested for Student Programs
  • Most programs Fees are based on a Minimum of 12 Students
  • Programs are On Foot, but Transportation and hotel escorting can be provided.

For detailed information and pricing, please CONTACT US or call: 917-599-6650

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We’ll do the rest.

The students were in their glory. Since it is impossible to get tickets to the fashion shows, I would say that this tour was the next best thing. Thank you again- Tamara Host Teacher Albetra Canada.



Step out of the classroom and directly into the fashion industry
with Shop Gotham’s Student Programs, where we offer an insider’s
glimpse of industry aspects that can only be experienced in NYC.
Education “light”, each itinerary is unique, thought-provoking and
includes special access elements. Did we forget to mention that
they are fun as well? Shop Gotham knows just how to combine
entertainment with education.



FOCUS:Fashion Design
Meet a succcessful Designer in their showroom, Tour NYC’s rare
Accessories Factory making goods, Conduct a Mini-Project,
do some fun Shopping, see area landmarks and more. This robust
itinerary allows for the unusual opportunity for students to ask
questions, see new collections, and learn about the fashion
industry right in the epicenter of it all.
BEST FOR:High School and College Levels.
Fashion or Business Students.


FOCUS:Retail Merchandising & Marketing
Famous for launching trends and its vast retail options, this
neighborhood is the perfect setting for lively Merchandising and
Marketing discussions. Visit “talked about” stores, learn trade tricks from management and do some spectacular “only in NYC” shopping. Seeing the area’s fascinating architecture and learning its history, tops off this well rounded program.
BEST FOR:Middle School and High School Levels
All Interests


For the students who “crave” an upfront thespian experience or
just an uber cool “only in NYC” moment, this will surely quench
their thirst. In the privacy of their own performance space, a
Broadway musical cast member (from a current show) will perform
a selection of songs. With plenty of time for questions it’s then on
to learning a Song or Dance from the show. Perfect pairing for
groups seeing the actual Broadway show.
BEST FOR:All School Levels
All Interests

Fashion Educational Programs Shop Gotham