The primary NYC Sample Sale season starts this week

November 16th, 2009

If you are coming to NYC and want to shop these sample sales, Shop Gotham’s Garment Center tour will take you to a small choice selection and provide you with a list of all the others. Its NYC, its fun, it shopping! 


3 Reasons NYC Rocks

November 13th, 2009

1)Even if you cant afford one item at Bergdorf Goodman, anyone can wander in and almost always spot a celeb. Last week Kelsey Grammer and wife spotted in shoe dept.  PS. Fine dept stores are also very useful for their lovely bathrooms.

2)Street Vendors in Soho.  Some of the best authentic jewelry, hats, art & whatnot are sold on the streets of Soho. Talented folks without the overhead of stores, create and sell edgy & trendy at a fraction of the stores’ prices. TIP: The exception is those located on Broadway. These vendors sell the mass merch shipped in overseas.

3)Because some of the best music can be heard in the subways.

Shop Gotham shopping tours.
 gra.mer spoted w wife at BG better shoes, shout out to Conrans for bathroom stuff & other cool kitch – give link /address – new subject: shout out?