June 2009, 3 Reasons NYC Rocks

January 21st, 2016

#1: The 24-hour Apple Store, Fifth Ave @ 59th Stteet

Not only does this store offer a dizzying array of cool toys to check out, but you can get round-the-clock tech help for your dying iphone or the missing music on your ipod.

#2: Never go without the milk in your coffee

The city that never sleeps is most valuable when you need those “essentials” at odd hours.. like red licorice or milk for your coffee. Never more than 2 blocks away

#3: The cheapest manicures

The supply and demand rule is never more apparent than in the NYC manicure (and pedicure) industry. It seems there is one on every block. Cheap, Fabulous and typically no appointments needed.

3 More Reasons NYC Rocks

January 21st, 2016

3 More Reasons NYC Rocks

1) Almost All Shops are open on Sunday (exception: upper Madison avenue). We recommend taking our Soho & Nolita shopping tour at noon on Sunday. Wake up late. Take your tour. Follow it by a late leisurely lunch at a charming cafe in Soho or Nolita. Shop some more. Drag your bags home. Take a nap. A perfect sunday.

2)Cover bands at BBKings. Almost any musician you have ever loved is represented at BBkings by a “look-alike band”, who are often as good as the real deal. Typically $15. Civilized environment with food & bev.

3)Philharmonic in Central Park. True that about a zillion other people also show up to picnic under the stars. But there is always a patch of grass to snag and hey, its the NY Philarmonic for free! July 17 2009.