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NYC Self Guided/Self Directed Shopping Itineraries are the Perfect Solution for the Independent Traveler

August 1st, 2019

Guided Shopping Tours liked those provided by Shop Gotham are a unique way to explore specialty shopping when unfamiliar with a new place.

However, for those who prefer to Shop Independently at their own PACE, we have developed a program just for you: Self Directed/Self Guided Itineraries.

Self Directed/Self Guided Itineraries give you the freedom to shop and explore when YOU want while visiting NYC. Whether you are a “careful” shopper, moving thoroughly through each rack, a speed shopper, seeking to “get the job done”, or simply want to entertain your Teen, these itineraries will provide the direction needed for a fruitful day. In this city of too many options, we will lead you to the “good stuff” targeting boutiques which are worthwhile and which you likely do not have at home, so as to come back with a little NYC in your bag.

Self Guided/Self Directed Itineraries available:
and soon available

And.. check out our Downtown Independent Food Tasting Itinerary

Fall is coming and your closets need to be filled with fabulous new items.

To read further about Shop Gotham’s Self Directed/Self Guided Itineraries, check out our details here; Self Directed/Self Guided Itineraries

Visiting New York City, September 2018. What to DO, What to SEE, What to WEAR, What You will FIND on a Shop Gotham Program

September 9th, 2018

September is one of the MOST beautiful months to visit NYC. Summer is now behind us, but the mild weather offers a bounty of things to do.  Each month we share a few tidbits which are NOT in your typical tour book.

What to DO:
1) Get a ticket to the Tribeca Tv Fest Sept 20 – 23rd.
Love Ray Donovan? sneak peak the first episode of the season and then listen to Liev Shreiber and and Jon Voight discuss the show . Just one example. Run dont walk!

2)if you LOVE fashion, check out 29Rooms (Brooklyn), an interactive exhibition in honor of fashion week featuring 29 rooms designed by retail brands, artists, celebrities and other creative

2)Take a stroll to Gape at the limestone homes of the upper East Side.  Get out of midtown and walk some of the magnificent streets of the upper east side to see how the “other half lives”.
The blocks of between Lexington and Park are particularly beautiful. Start at East 67th (lex -park) and continue to East 78th (lex to park)

What to WEAR
It’s simple: bring your most stylish dark colored light weight apparel. Be it jeans, dresses or leather jackets: make sure they are well fitted, and in style.

What You will FIND on a Shop Gotham Program
However, if you need to do some shopping therapy, we invite you to join one our Shopping programs (join a group or book a private tour).  Special Access to Wholesale showrooms, meet designers, shop cool new boutiques. We know what is what and what is where.

Check out our programs at:

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NYC in April, What To Do, What to Pack, Idea for Sensational Group Tour

March 18th, 2018
Lets Talk Packing for April in NYC
Sunny and warm-er: temps typically in 50’s. We are a casual but stylish city, but Casual means something different for all. As you have heard, black, grey and other neutrals are Always the reigning choice here, so pack these in lighter fabrics:
Leather Jacket, Poncho or Cape, 
tasteful “well fitting” jeans, light Sweaters, a Nice top for dinner, low boots and your “stylish sneakers”(Converse will do).
Theater & Dinner:
The days of “dressing” for theater are bygone. DO look smart & stylish. Business casual is a good benchmark, Tasteful jeans (blue or black) (cullottes – better!) are fine if paired with a nice top, jacket and heels. A simple fitted, shirt dress or midi skirt 
paired with your leather jacket is always chic. All that said, if you have a new fabulous outfit, by all means, crack it out!
Fluid image 1
Shopping, Museums, Touring
Comfort is essential, but leave your old baggy jeans home.  Cropped pants with flats or cute sneakers,  a jacket and light wool scarf and will leave you comfortable and blending in like a native.     
A Couple NYC “Not to Miss” Things April 2018
Fluid image 1
Fluid image 2
Hear Jeremy Irons read Poetry at the 92Y or see a round table or lecture here from any number of celebrated newscasters, 
celebrities. 92Y
Get tickets to the Tribeca FilmFestival. Apr 18, 2018 – Apr 29, 2018. Founded by Robert DeNiro qw years ago, this is one of the foremost international festivals. Single tickets go on sale March 27th
Visit MOMA’s New Photography
exhibition, “Being” which asks

 how photography can capture what it means to be human. Tip: Friday night is Free night. Busy but worth it if you can get there a bit early to

NEW: Full Day Program
An Urban Scavenger Hunt, Local Pizza and Shopping Tour
For Groups of 15 and more (ages 14 and older)
This nearly 6-hour 3 part day will enchant and energize those who wish to see and do as much as possible while in NYC.
 On the streets of Chinatown and Little Italy, a mind bending and supremely fun Scavenger Hunt,  Pizza Lunch in Little Italy,  Shopping Tour in SoHo of what is trendy & new.

beat the lines.

Fall 2014: What not to miss in NYC

September 23rd, 2014
Fall is finally here and while we are excited for the leaves to change and the pumpkin carving to begin-we are thoroughly enjoying our last afternoons hitting highs of heavenly 80 (which will probably be this weekend).
Take it from us, New Yorkers know best: we recommend taking a shopping tour of Soho & Nolita and exploring the downtown area this weekend while the weather is sun friendly-it is the perfect way to spend a Saturday/Sunday.
And although the weather seems to be cooling down a bit, the activities in NYC remain on point. Here are some other noteworthy “outdoor” happenings to check out this month we thought we should share:
  • The 911 Memorial downtown is finished and it is breathtaking

  • Chelsea Highline is completed and now runs all the way to 34th St (and one of the all-time coolest parks in NYC)
  • An awesome Pop-Up Coffee Shop in Soho celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the TV show ‘Friends’ (which is a spitting image of Central Perk). It’s fully functioning, serving delicious hot drinks to warm you up and offering comfy couches (just like in the show) so you can pretend you are Rachel and Phoebe on set.

  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and grab a slice of to-die-for-pizza, Brooklyn style, on the “other side”
  • Spend the afternoon at South Street Sea Port shopping/eating and listening to live music. Watch the sunset over the Brooklyn Bridge, with an ice cold beverage in your hand, toes in the sand. If you happen to be here on Sep 27, make sure you stop by the special festival, Old Seaport Street Fest.

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Interview with a Fit Model, Continued

November 6th, 2012

Shop Gotham has had the pleasure of speaking with a fit model here in NYC.  A fit model is someone who tries on designer clothes before they hit the stores.  Like every other job, it has its highs and lows.

Shop Gotham (SG): What bugs you most about your job?

Fit Model (FM): What bugs me most about the job might be that everyone assumes I’m dumb because I’m a model. Some people can get a little condescending because of that, and that’s the most infuriating thing in the world to me. Also long fittings- we’re talking 6 to 7 hour fittings- are pretty brutal because you’re just standing there, in four inch heels, for sooooo long. Your feet & body get achy, and if you’re working with a team that doesn’t ask for a lot of input, it gets HELLA boring. But you just have to suck it up, let your mind wander, and think of the dollar signs.

SG: Which brings us to the next question.  What’s the pay scale like?

FM: At my most high-paying account, my take after my fit model agent’s commission is roughly $200.

SG: Per hour?

FM: Yup.

SG: Did you come to New York to be a model?

FM: No, I came here to be an actor.   So for an actor, it’s a godsend of a day job. And for the most part, it’s pretty flexible, usually just a few hours a day.

SG: Is it fairly consistent?

FM: Right now I happen to be in the midst of a solid month of 9-5 work, which is extremely rare for a part-timer, and that amount of hours is really difficult. But I’m going to make a quarter of my last year’s income in a month, and it’s hard to say no to that.

SG: Well, thanks for taking the time out to speak to us.  It’s been very interesting!

Sign up for a Shop Gotham Garment Center tour for more behind-the-scenes action in the Fashion District.

Interview with a Fit Model: Part Two

October 30th, 2012
Guess who wore it first?

Shop Gotham was thrilled to interview someone who works behind the scenes in the fashion industry:  the fit model.  In case you missed last week’s post, a fit model is a young woman hired by a designer to try on clothes and give feedback as to the fit.  Sound like your dream job?  Even the best jobs have their ups and downs.  Read on…

Shop Gotham (SG): So what’s the worst thing a designer’s ever said to you?

Fit Model (FM): I used to work with a tech designer who very much esteemed himself as the resident fun-sassy-gay-wild card.  One day he said to me, “Turn around, Bessie.”  And then he mooed!   And laughed and laughed at himself.  He was completely oblivious to how incredibly rude that was.   He thought he was hilarious, playful and off-the-cuff. I wanted to smack him, but I just gritted my teeth, smiled, and followed instructions.

SG: What a jerk!  Do they ever say catty things about celebrities?

FM: The worst thing I’ve heard a designer say was probably the time when one was discussing which celebrity to dress for an upcoming awards show. I thought that when a big celebrity wanted to wear a certain designer’s clothes, the designer jumped at the chance. But apparently designers are very particular about who is “representing” their brand. So this particular designer, upon hearing that Sarah Jessica Parker had put in a request to wear a dress by said designer, responded, “Um, ew. She’s, um… Not what she once was. You know. She’s old.” It was very dismissive and harsh.

SG: I don’t suppose you’ll tell us who that was?

FM: Not a chance.

SG: Well if he wants to take his career in that direction, maybe he’ll get to dress young, up-and-coming starlets like Honey Boo Boo.  What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever gotten to wear?

FM: It’s a tie between a couple of things at my most high-end/luxury/couture account.  Google “Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games premiere.”  I wore that first!  Google “Anne Hathaway Dark Knight Rises premiere.”   That white, draped Grecian gown? Wore that one first too. I also recently fit an incredible red gown with crazy ’30s-meets-futuristic shoulder cut outs that I expect to see on a celebrity any day now. Those few dresses I just mentioned were very rare instances of coming out from behind the changing screen, looking in the mirror, and thinking, ” DAMN I look good.”

Stay tuned for more interviews with a fit model!

New Yorker in NY – A Day in the Life

May 27th, 2011

Commencing today, this Shop Gotham owner and NYC resident of 25 years, will spill the beans on the things to do in NYC, things that locals do and are often not in the guide books . Since all of Shop Gotham’s guests are visitors, be it from as far as Sydney, or as close as NJ (yeah NJ!), its my pleasure to share some insider tidbits to help make your planning and visit complete and worthwhile. Yes, shopping is the feature of our tours, but these “small diaries”, as the form they will be written in, will feature “Other” things to do. As personally “done” by moi.

Friday Morning, May 26, 2011

The Good Morning America Summer Concert series commenced today, with the Empress of Now, Lady Gaga. Concerts take place in Central Park, Fifth Avenue and 72nd Street (Rumsey Playfield also known as Summer Stage) To be in Central Park on a glorious summer morning – well there is not much better for a New Yorker. Away from the madness of Rock Center and the Today Show extravaganzas.  This being the only “ticketed” event for the GMA season and well aware of the madness ensuing, I knew not to expect to actually get into the small concert arena. Concerts commence at 8amish and despite the lines of people who slept outside the park for 2 days, I took my 12 minute stroll to the park at  7:30am with a cup of joe, found a nice patch of grass right outside the gates and enjoyed 4 lady GaGa songs. I did see her arrive “aerialy” – she soared to the stage via a zipline – , other than that  I could not see her perform. But I was enveloped by the  music and felt like I was at any outdoor concert without great viewing seats. Thoroughly enjoyable.

9am.. glorious morning, and Im a bit hungry. So north up the park path I walk, 3 minutes max to the ever lovely Boathouse Cafe, which serves breakfast to go, commencing at 8am.  Plenty of table there to enjoy breakfast and scenery, for which I partook.  

Walked home and at desk by 9:45.

The GMA summer concert run from May thru August and with exception of GaGa, they are free. To see schedule,

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Seen Around Town…

March 31st, 2011
Betsey Johnson sees our Shop Gotham guests!

At Shop Gotham we may act cool when we see a celebrity, but on the inside we’re jumping up and down like a cheerleader from Glee!  This past weekend we saw none other than Betsey Johnson herself coming out of her namesake store on Wooster Street.  Her exuberant, over the top fashion is available to Shop Gotham guests at a terrific discount.  Come take our Soho fashion tour today!  You never know who you might meet…

Recent Observation – Fashion NYC

June 29th, 2010

While walking on Park Ave. between 50th and 51st street recently at lunch time, I counted 37 men in the exact same outfit! french blue shirt (not even a pattern), grey trousers and a belt. Yes it was hot, so evidently the grey jacket was left behind at the desk. 37 clones. It was a sea of undecernable bodies. I have nothing more to say. Any comments?

A Day in the Life of a NYC Shopping Tour

March 19th, 2010

michael kaye designWhile escorting a student group recently from Canada on a Shop Gotham Garment Center student tour program, we were invited into the showroom of Michael Kaye, hot formal-wear designer (Michael Kaye Couture), who also happens to be from the groups’s same home town of Alberta.  Mr. Kaye received  The Fashion Group International’s 2004 RISING STAR AWARD (the same given to Zac Posen – not bad). He Kaye delighted the group with stories of the industry. What a thrill it was for these young fashion aspirants. You never know what can happen to you in NYC!