Chic Tiq – a recommended NYC Shopping sale site

Goodness knows, there are seemingly infinite sites these days to buy fashion. Once in a while a different twist on shopping does pop up that’s worthy of note. Today it is Chic Tiq.

Chic Tiq provides the name of every fashion boutique in NYC by neighborhood. Keeping this information current is not an easy feat.  Its’ interactive map allows the visitor to point to any respective neighborhood to see what to find there: store addresses and web links are included. What we find most appealing is the store Sale info noted on the left side of the page.

So for our Shop Gotham guests.. here is a recommended approach for your precious shopping time in NYC. Day I. Take one of our “insider” tours and reap the benefits of special deals and a guide to hold your hand.

Day II. Pick a neighborhood to explore independently with the help of Chic Tiq. 

After all, there is no better shopping in the world than in NYC!