How is an Expat to Manage?

Perhaps more than any other city in the world, Manhattan seems to shape shift on nearly an hourly basis. Restaurants are constantly opening and closing, conventions and conferences coming out the woodwork, and what’s hot and what’s not changing almost as quickly as the frenetic pace of the city’s pulse. That’s why Expat Arrivals, a site devoted to developing the guides needed most by those living and working abroad, decided to put their  heads down, dig in their heels and create a “Serial Shopper’s Guide to Neighborhoods in New York City” for the newbies and veterans alike perusing the avenued aisles of the metropolis.

At the end of the day Manhattan is about neighborhodds, some posh, some eclectic, and some downright mysterious, but in order to make sure you’re in the right spot to haggle with the hippies or to enjoy a glass of wine while admiring the glitz and glamour of some of the world’s most beautiful jewelry it’s important to get your bearings. Otherwise, your precious purchasing time could easily dwindle amidst the logistics of getting around and the deflation of not finding the stores offering what you expect. 

 To get a handle on your shopping experience check out:

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Serial Shopper’s Guide to Neighborhoods in New York City (

as well as of course: Shop Gotham shopping tours if you want to find out what’s really happening in the nyc shopping scene(and have your hand held)