Why All Saints in Soho is a winner

If you like black, grey and brown hues with a bit of a vintage twist, a bit of Goth Romantic, this store is a go-to for you.  If you are a Brit, All Saints is old news. For we Americans its a refreshing new destination, good for the stylish woman ages 20- 50 who can’t afford Alexander McQueen, but wishes she could. Who still covets quality feel-good leather, cool well-fitting tees and the kind of dress suitable for urban trenedy dining. Who will spend $180 on a great top (or wait for the 50% off sale). The new location on Broadway in Soho does diminish its appeal, with  neighbors such as Top Shop and H & M. But space they have, which can only be found on this maddening mall-like Ave. Fall will likely be the best time to shop All Saints, as its colors are more suitable.      ALL Saints, 512 Broadway (Spring & Prince)