Keeping Cool From Head to Toe

In New York City fabulous footwear is a must.  But when the temperatures skyrocket, where do the locals get their cool and stylish summer shoes?  Shop Gotham guides reveal their top five picks:

1.  Since Paris designer Charles Jourdan went out of business in the 1980s, his name has been synonymous with vintage footwear.  But he’s back and we’re thrilled.  Cleverly coupling last season’s gladiator sandal with this season’s jelly sandal, he’s created Cassie:  a hybrid of the two available in white, gray and red.  We’ve always been partial to red…


2.   Shop Gotham tour guides swear by DKNY’s Active line:  tough enough to endure hours upon hours of shopping on New York City streets, but fashionable enough that no one will guess that they’re practical.   Sign up for a Soho/Nolita tour and get a discount of 20 percent.


3.  You can’t go wrong with comfy, cushy Haviana flip flops.  This line, designed by Brazilians, who should know flip flops, has just the right savior faire for an international metropolis like New York.  The ones pictured here were designed exclusively for Kidrobot, and they GLOW IN THE DARK!!!  Buy yourself a pair on our Soho/Nolita tour.


4.  Nothing is hipper or greener than buying a pair of shoes made by the person sitting in front of you.  And this shoe, handmade by a street vendor in Nolita, has saved many a Shop Gotham guest from blistered feet.  This canvas slip on has become almost as iconic as a pair of Chuck Taylors among the hipster crowd.  They are always comfortable and will never go out of style.

5.  Shop Gotham guides aren’t embarrassed to admit that they love Zoe & Zac, the new “green” line from Payless.  We love them for three simple reasons.  First, they’re affordable, with no shoe costing more than $30.  Second, they’re made exclusively from ‘green’ materials such as organic cotton, eco-foam and nickel-free metal.  Third, they’re incredibly comfortable!  Even the huarache sandal with a four inch heel (pictured here) meets the Shop Gotham standard of comfort and style.