How to Shop Bloomies, and avoid the mad perfume sprayers!

As a long time New Yorker, this owner of Shop Gotham NYC shopping tours has spent plenty of time in Bloomingdales. While I generally do love the store, a visitor is now more than ever, under siege by perfume sprayers and cosmetic product purveyors. So part tongue in cheek, part real advise, here is the visitors guide to avoiding this madness: Enter at the northern most corner of the Third Avenue side (@60th St). This the Men’s accessories dept, where the sprayers are safely not positioned. Step forward a few feet, look left and spot the UP escalator. Walk towards it without making eye contact with anyone, les a sprayer is possibly lurking in the wrong spot. Once on this escalator you are free to calmly roam the 7 other glorious floors. If however, you do need a handbag, cosmetics or costume jewelry – all which lie on that 1st floor, be ready to buck up and enjoy the scents. For more info on shopping in nyc, visit.