What to Wear When Visiting NYC September, October, Fall 2011

Season has changed. And quickly. One day it’s a sunny sweltering 87 degrees, and the next day it’s 60, cloudy and chilly. Visting NYC in the coming weeks and have no idea what the natives wear ? Here are some seasonal do’s and dont’s:
Sure Bets
Boots or booties- check! Dark colored sandals – check! Light weight leather jacket- check! Light weight cashmere cardigan – check!  Jeans – always
Please Don’t!
Fur (not yet), shorts, pastel cotton items, light colored sandals, sundresses, heavy wool coats
Sure Bets:
Anything wool or heavier fabrics in grey, black, brown, winter white.   Fur collars on jackets, jeans! (always)
Daytime sandals, cotton pastel scarves, full fur coats,
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