Why Shop Gotham loves Designer Resale shopping in New York City

Yes, most towns and cities can boast a decent Resale shop, but the extraordinary wealth of options in New York City sets it apart. Looking for a gently or even “never” used last year’s Gucci bag at 25% of the price? isnt it better to touch it than take a shot on Ebay? Or a luxe shearling coat that was a mistake purchase for someone? Forget the TV shows that feature $3000 shoes.  We like to shop for $75 Manolos! Coming to New York City and want to experience how real new yorkers buy their designer clothing and accessories? Consider letting Shop Gotham take you on a private Designer Resale shopping tour. The purchases will more than make up for the cost of the program. Added bonus: a GREAT way to see some of the out of the way neighborhoods. www.shopgotham.com or write to us at [email protected]