What to Wear in NYC when visiting in March?

As the transition month, March (like Sept) can be tricky. Fur or no fur? light colors yet? hmmm. If you are visiting New York this March, you have undoubtedly done a little research and know that New York has had an unseasonably warm winter . But it is still technically winter, so what lies ahead is unknown. Lets start with Coats: Until mid March, fur collars and capes only.  Ditch your full length number; it wont look chic anymore this season.  Once we approach April, leave all fur items home.  Instead, pack your wool and lined leather coats along with some chic scarves for the evening nip. Apparel: Despite the bright hues of the spring racks, its not quite time to don everything. Dark brights, yes. Pastels, not so much. Happen to own red or midnight blue jeans. Absolutely pack them. Otherwise, jeans and lightweight darker items are just right for this time of year. Footwear: Boots are now a 12 month accessory. However, Uggs and snow boots will not be needed. Suede, leather, high, low, booties.. all good.  Pumps and dark colored sandals for nightime activities- absolutely. As always, keep in mind, that New York casual is not the same as run-to-the-mall in some suburbs casual. Ill fitting shorts and bulky sweaters. Please no! Sneakers – the type which should only be seen in the gym – not shopping attire here. Clean, simple chic. You can do it! And if you want some assistance, Shop Gotham shopping tours can be one answer. Please visit us at www.shopgotham.com