How to Wear a Pearl Bracelet

How to Wear a Pearl Bracelet

You know, I don’t think it’s too much to stack your pearl bracelets. I often think that a single pearl bracelet is a little – underdone, if you know what I mean. It only really works for a cocktail dress type occasion – if you’re wearing your little black dress then a single choker and one pearl bracelet compliments the look without overbalancing it. But for everyday wear, I think you can make more of a statement.

I suppose it is because the little black dress is kind of the centrepiece of the cocktail outfit – so anything else is supposed to be detailing rather than a focal point. But when you’re in jeans and a blouse, then the jewellery you wear becomes the statement instead of the setting. In which case, you can afford to cover a bit more arm and show off a bit more pearl.

When you stack your pearl bracelets, I like to see more than one color. Ideally two tones or two distinct colours works best.

Try having one purple pearl bracelet and two pink ones – or one darker shade and two lighter ones. And put the darker shade towards the wrist with the two paler ones behind it. Never stack with the darkest pearl bracelet in the middle – you end up looking like you’re trying to make some kind of uniform out of jewellery. It doesn’t work.

The off kilter accenting of differently colored stacked pearl bracelets goes well with most outfits. Use pink, ivory and purple to accent lavender colors and pale colors in your wardrobe.

If you prefer to wear darker colours, I’d recommend stacking three pale colors. Darker colored pearls against darker colored outfits can work but only in exceptional circumstances.

The key effect you are aiming for is this. You are trying to make the pearl bracelet look natural, rather than like a kind of collar flash for your sleeves. So if you combine a lighter pearl necklace with two light pearl bracelets and one dark pearl bracelet, you defuse that “stripy” look that the single-colour pearl combo can sometimes achieve. Remember, you only want to have that one colour going on when you’re wearing your cocktail dress or your evening gown.

The number of necklaces you wear, or the thickness of your necklace, has a knock on effect on the number of pearl bracelets you should wear. For example, if you wear a high pearl choker it can be inadvisable to wear anything on your wrists, lest you start looking like you’ve tried to mimic a polo neck jumper but with pearls!

Ultimately, the way you wear your pearl bracelet is defined by your personality, your skin tone, and the shade of the outfit you are wearing it with. Just be aware that there are different ways to wear the bracelet for different outfits and occasions – you can mix and match pearls just like anything else these days!

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