Beauty Blogs 101

Every girl loves a great product and at Shop Gotham we are always on the lookout for something fun and new.  So while we admit that beauty products aren’t really our specialty, here are three beauty blogs we love.  It’s all about looking and feeling gorgeous!

Glitz Glam Budget

Everyone at Shop Gotham, from clients to guides, loves a great deal.  But is the product worth the price?  We often find that with lower-priced beauty items, we are sacrificing quality.  So we check in with Glitz Glam Budget, a blog that has done the research for us.  So if you’ve been priced out of Sephora, there’s no need to resign yourself to a lifetime of dry, flaky lipstick.  Let this blog steer you in the right direction!

The Daily Cookie

First of all, who can resist this title?  Who doesn’t love a cookie?  We could eat them all day, every day.  Fortunately, the tidbits offered on this site aren’t the kind that are going to affect your waistline.   This blog is run by a beauty junkie who used to work the cosmetics counter at Macy’s.  She manages her addiction by dishing out a daily review of fabulous new products, with travel and food blurbs thrown in.  It’s a delightful site that will lift your spirits every time you visit… kind of like having a cookie.

Lazy to Lovely

If you’ve taken a Shop Gotham tour, you know we take pride in our lovely, personable guides.  However, catch us on an off-day and you will find that we can be just as lazy and sloppy as anybody else.  That’s why we love this blog!  It describes us to a tee.  We particularly like the ‘celeb style steals’ section, which takes a particular outfit from a particular celebrity and shows you how to style it for a casual, every day look.  Because we don’t all have movie premieres to attend, unfortunately!  Sigh.  If only…