Fashion Blogs 101

Shop Gotham tour guides love to meet fashionistas-in-training who come to New York to shop, shop, shop.  Maybe you’re one of them:  the type to spend time digging through magazines for the latest trends, who troll boutiques and vintage stores for unique finds, they type to spend a lot of time creating your personal style.  Frequently our guides are asked to recommend fashion blogs for those who need daily inspiration.  Here are some of our faves:

College Fashionista

This site is exactly what it sounds like:  a go-to spot for fashion-minded guys and girls who want to stand out on campus.  They’ll find plenty of inspiration on this site, which features interviews with fashion insiders and a daily fashionista spotlight.  Perfect for the college student or soon-to-be high school grad.

Style Caster

When they join this website, users are able to share the things they love, sort of like a pinterest for fashion.  This results in a diverse range of styles and lots of opportunities for inspiration.  At Shop Gotham we love to find new things to drool over, and this website provides a minefield of material!

Glitterbuzz Style

This lesser-known blog is run by a fellow NYC gal with an eye for glamor, and we love her.  Featuring a ton of giveaways and tutorials, this young lady has definitely got an eye for fashion, coupled with a healthy dose of street sense.   Glitterbuzz will not only feature the latest trends, but explain explicitly “how to rock” them.  Enjoy!