What to wear when Visiting NYC in August 2014

You lucky traveler, the weather in NYC this summer has been nothing less than SPECTACULAR. Thus Far, days are in the low 80’s F, eves are a warm comfortable low 70’s.

Cool and Casual reigns here. Some quick “Do’s (and we hope you don’t mind “Dont’s”)

DO: Break out your whites!

DO Wear: summer -weight  maxi dresses with flat sandals, cute stylin’ Sneakers or chunky heeled wedges

DONT Wear: your maxi skirt with stilettos!

DO Wear: patterned leggings with a chic cropped tank or tee

DO NOT wear: your patterned leggings with a midriff

Do Wear: Daytime: Above the knee shift- like dresses in cotton or silk, with wedges or flats

DO NOT wear: Daytime: Above the knee spandex forming fitting dresses with heels!

Do Wear: loose Genie pants with a cute graphic tee and strappy flats

DO NOT wear: Genie pants with a tailored jacket – unless you have such the cool style and just the right cut, that you know how to pull this off

DO CARRY: your handbag

DO NOT WEAR: a fanny pack (this is never chic and screams “Look at me. I am a tourist”)

DO wear to the Theater: white jeans with a stylish top or a casual blazer (carry a cardigan or wrap to combat the AC)

DO NOT wear to the Theater: a cocktail dress or a business like suit