Plan to Shop NYC November or December? here is what you need to know

Sample Sale Season :
Commences November 14th and continues though December 16th.

One can expect a minimum of 20 exceptional sales each day (most open Mon- Friday)

How are these different than store sales?
1) They will be for one Designer brand and will often include an array of current season overstock, some previous seasons and sample goods.
2)Prices are highly slashed and far better than any store sale (think 50- 80% off retail)

Successful day on NYC Garment Center tour
Successful day on NYC Garment Center tour


How to Find out location and details on the Sample Sales
1)Various online sites will post a few or many
2)Shop Gotham will provide a list of ALL the worthwhile sample sales to all customers on any Shop Gotham program in the next month