Self Guided NYC Shopping and Tasting Tours are Back!

Self-Guided Itineraries are a cost-effective and Fabulously fun way to explore New York City on your own.

Soho and Nolita NYC
the charming streets of SoHo and Nolita

Coming to NYC with your friends, family or seeking a fun parent/
#nycteennactivity? Shop Gotham’s Self Guided NYC itineraries may be just what you are after.

#ShopSoHo&Nolita, these chic and abundant side by side neighborhoods, with a Custom Self Directed Shopping Itinerary. Don’t waste time or get lost. instead book a half a day worth of targeted retail therapy.

Taste your way through 3 Downtown neighborhoods. A delightful and oh so tasty! way to explore various pockets of NYC. Perfect for a family visit to NYC. Visit our SelfDirected Downtown International Food Tasting Itinerary. 



Shop Gotham's Self Guided Tasting Itinerary
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