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NYC Weekly Shopping Tour DEAL – Shop Gotham

This week’s DEAL: 20% off Saturday, Sept 23, Soho & Nolita Chic Boutiques Shopping Tour. Best for women of all ages, teens and men. Maximum of  12 persons per tour, so tickets are limited.To book: www.shopgotham.com . Code: Sept 23 

The New Hot Boutiques in NYC – Fall 2011

Shop Gotham does scour the city on foot and by taxi to keep abreast of thid ever changing retail landscape. But sometimes we have to rely on bigger sources than us too. For the latest in retail happenings in NYC, we suggest a monthly check of http://www.refinery29.com. This week, they featured 13 new NYC hot  fall store openings. High and low, they got the eye and the ear. Check it out.