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The Historic Shopping Experience

The holiday season provides probably the best atmosphere and opportunity to really take advantage of creating a great shopping experience. Something that every fashionista should do and take advantage of in their life is visiting the iconic New York City. With retailers, manufacturers, and distributors lining the scenic streets of NYC, one would never run out of shops to check out and styles to discover. If you are driving into Manhattan at this time of year, parking is not a small concern. Best to have this planned out in advance for a smooth shopping day or just pull out your  card for NYC monthly parking,

Whether you are vacationing in the city with shopping on the side, or taking to the streets on a shopping mission, there are definitely some companies you should be sure to stop by. New (foreign or domestic) fashion companies and boutiques are always setting up shop in NYC. Frequent style changes are sure to roll through here first, giving you an extra step on the west coasters.

Retail stores that you’ve seen in other places are done different in NYC. They are bigger, better, and simply more attractive in design and ambiance. Here are some staple stores you shouldn’t miss out on during your exploration:


It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to buy or just soak up the brands. This East side flagship or Soho outpost, opened just under a decade ago, boasts all the top brands as you would expect, with an ambiance to match.


The European retailer has found its way to the U.S. and is now in a prime location in NYC. The fashion styles that keep us going and curious are extremely affordable and look good. As already know, the fashion here can help make for some last minute wardrobe changes before hitting the NYC nightlife or simply help you find a great souvenir.

Niketown New York

Be sure to stroll through this top athletic sports brand store and get motivated. On top of carrying all the apparel that we’re used to, they’ll have the technology to match it, and probably do a double take. Whatever your motivation or goal is on the trip, you’ll be sure to find an extra rush of energy when in there. After all, you’re doing it. You’re taking on NYC.


Last, but not least, walking up and into the nine story iconic retail building is a must. While the fashions and items here are not necessarily the newest, all shopaholics alike will find a great experience and large departments of clothes to look through. Whether the fashion or the history draws you in, enjoy the shopping moment as much as you can.