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What to Wear: Fall 2012 Special Shoe Edition

It’s that time of year, ladies!  Time to crack out the comfy sweaters and short jackets that characterize an autumn wardrobe.  At Shop Gotham we believe the secret to staying in style lies in adding new touches to last season’s classics.  Read on to find out the fall trends that will easily update your fall ensemble.

The Royal Touch:  Brocade!

Remember how over the summer you kept seeing things in native American fabrics?  While this trend was sometimes cute and cozy, it could easily turn into a fashion don’t. Luckily, Navajo is on its way out, and brocade is on its way in.  So from Asian-inspired patterns to Elizabethean bargello, feel free to feel fancy this season! Remember:  a little bit of chinoserie can go a long way.  These Dolce and Gabbana tights and heels  make for a good place to start… although only the most adventurous will pair them together!

Smoking Loafers

Another season, another excuse to buy a new pair of shoes.  At least that’s how Shop Gotham sees it!   As Joanna Coles, the stunning new editor of Marie Claire, put it in her own magazine, “After a summer in high sandals, I am embracing the smoking loafer and the ankle-skimming pant.”  (This comfy attire looks great with or without the actual cigarette!)  So throw out your ballet flats, which have to be in tatters after so many  seasons, and sink your feet into a shoe that is part slipper, part sensible indulgence.

Ankle Boots

Whether slouchy or straight, stiletto or stacked, this seaon’s ankle boots have one thing in common:  sexiness!  We love boots at Shop Gotham because in addition to being consistently stylish, they are warm, sturdy and offer the option of a comfortable boost in height.   This season’s ankle booties pair well with everything from dresses to skinny jeans.   Pick up a pair on a Shop Gotham Soho tour today!