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What to wear when visiting NYC this January

If you are visiting NYC this month and are wondering what to pack-keep it simple! Trends this winter are easy to wear and simple to pair together, lot’s of solid basic colors and loose silhouettes. Our outfit “go to’s” for spot on chic city fashion that is easy to wear in the city, listed from head to toe:

  • Hats are huge this winter! Whether you prefer a long black beanie, colorful knit hat with a fur pompom (our personal fav), extravagant fur aviator, fedora, felt floppy, etc-this trend will keep you just as cozy as it will chic.
  • Sunglasses-we promise, you will want to shield your precious eyeballs from the whipping winds of NYC.
  • Long, camel colored coat styles. Mirroring a slight “bathrobe effect” coats are oversized and loose hanging.
  • Sweaters are either cropped or long in styles, such as cape styles or old school “sweater dress” looks (just make sure the sweater is not form fitting if it is on the longer side-longer sweaters require movement of ease: slits, zippers, elbow holes, etc!) Soft cashmere & wool blends will be sure to keep you warm and fashionable!
  • Cropped denim-whether the bottoms are rolled or slim fitting and showing a little bit of ankle-these are a must! Slightly high waist (just under belly button) are in; in either leather black, denim black, light faded blue, dark wash or ox blood colors! Pull out your 90’s denim, it’s perfect.
  • With freezing weather on the docket, and the expectation that you must walk everywhere in the city, a solid comfortable boot is a must! Knee, over the knee, calf, ankle-any of the above are a stylish addition to top off your look. Skip the snow boots, we’ve only had 2 snow storms so far, both of which turned to rain and washed away within 24 hours.

If you have any questions or need fashion advice, tweet at us! @shopgotham

Fashion Blogs 101

Shop Gotham tour guides love to meet fashionistas-in-training who come to New York to shop, shop, shop.  Maybe you’re one of them:  the type to spend time digging through magazines for the latest trends, who troll boutiques and vintage stores for unique finds, they type to spend a lot of time creating your personal style.  Frequently our guides are asked to recommend fashion blogs for those who need daily inspiration.  Here are some of our faves:

College Fashionista

This site is exactly what it sounds like:  a go-to spot for fashion-minded guys and girls who want to stand out on campus.  They’ll find plenty of inspiration on this site, which features interviews with fashion insiders and a daily fashionista spotlight.  Perfect for the college student or soon-to-be high school grad.

Style Caster

When they join this website, users are able to share the things they love, sort of like a pinterest for fashion.  This results in a diverse range of styles and lots of opportunities for inspiration.  At Shop Gotham we love to find new things to drool over, and this website provides a minefield of material!

Glitterbuzz Style

This lesser-known blog is run by a fellow NYC gal with an eye for glamor, and we love her.  Featuring a ton of giveaways and tutorials, this young lady has definitely got an eye for fashion, coupled with a healthy dose of street sense.   Glitterbuzz will not only feature the latest trends, but explain explicitly “how to rock” them.  Enjoy!