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East Coast vs. West Coast Fashion Camps!

Even though the weather outside is frightful, some of you might be thinking about what to on your next vacation– summer vacation, that is.  Listed here are two SG-approved Fashion Camps for budding fashionistas on both sides of the continent.  If you’re from middle America and you know of a great fashion camp near you, be sure to tell us about it!  We’ll post on the blog.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

Fashion Camp NYC

We admit to a slight partiality when it comes to this camp because it takes place here in New York.  But for several weeks each summer, the City throbs with fashion-lovers who get to go behind the scenes of the fashion industry.  With sneak peeks into the showrooms and offices of Juicy, Marc Jacobs, and other big-name designers, this camp offers a teen an experience she’ll not soon forget!  Interested in fashion camp but can’t squeeze it in this summer?  Come take the Shop Gotham Garment Center tour for a preview of the fashion action.

Fashion Camp OC

This West Coast establishment takes the training of its fashionistas seriously!  Offering courses for children as young as seven all the way through to adulthood, Fashion Camp OC teaches all sorts of skills to prepare a person for a career in the industry.  They offer classes in sketching, designing, styling, and fashion shows, among many, many others.  And this isn’t just a summer camp.  They are currently accepting enrollment for classes offered over the winter school break.  So what are you waiting for?