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Shop Gotham review

Once in a while you have to toot your own horn. This recent review of our Garment Center “insider” tour made us feel so good, we needed to share. Come along for the fun. www.shopgotham.com

“If you even remotely enjoy shopping, schedule your Garment Center “Insider” tour NOW. This is a highly personalized, absolutely amazing insider peek in the garment district of NYC. You will not only see cutting edge fashion, you will also meet wonderful designers in their showrooms who take their creative passion and turn it into salable beauty on a daily basis. Plan on shopping along the entire route.  So  many gorgeous and sumptuous choices. I walked away with shockingly affordable pieces. Sharonb – Yelp

Garment Center Shopping Tour Review

A shoppers delight (domestic visitor): Rating: 5 stars

“Myself [ 54 ] , daughter [ 24 ] and daughter-in-law took the shopping tour in the garment district. After spending 4 days shopping, we were’nt very excited to go on a shopping tour! But what a successful trip it was! Our guide was awesome and had loads of information, including suggesting some places to go after in other areas. We went to six very different designer showrooms.which had a varied selection of products and each of us found lots of things. I would reccomend it!.” www.shopgotham.com


Shoe-In Sample Sale a big score

Occasionally, its worth noting what we uncovered on a shopping tour. On last week’s Garment Center tour, we hit the bi-annual gargantuan Shoe-In Sample Sale. Even though it was Day 3, our 10 guests walked out with 25 pairs of boots/shoes. Timberland, Tory Burch and Michael Kors were the big scores  mostly in the $49 range. NYC Sample Sales rock! even in the winter. Come on aboard with us.  www.shopgotham.com/daily-new-york-shopping-


NYC Sample Sales Start Early in NYC

We who have our finger on the proverbial pulse of nyc sample sales see that the “season” is starting a good 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Waiting to come to NYC to score your fall/winter items. Don’t delay. The goods are here and they are already discounted.  Note for the unaffiliated: Designers each do but one sale per season ranging from  1- 5 days.

 Remember.. Shop Gotham vets out the good sales from the mediocre. Check out our Garment Center “Insider” Shopping Tours and our holiday time Cheap and Chic shopping tours. www.shopgotham.com


NYC Sample Sales Coming Our Way Soon

We like to give a heads-up about the Sample Sale “high” season. Typically, it commences mid-november, but our recession radar claims we can expect an early onslaught.    By early november, the designer for much less options will make your head swirl. As always, Shop Gotham will vet out the worthwhile from the junk-

See Shop Gotham Garment Center “insider” tours.