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Halloween Shopping in NYC-the 411

Halloween is that lovely time of year when you can dress up and be whomever or whatever you want for the day without a second glance. Shopping for a costume, carving pumpkins, trick or treating and haunted houses are all fun ways to enjoy the fall holiday. As for us, we live for the shopping!

Like always, NYC has the ultimate shopping for your Halloween costume and decor this season. Here’s our “go-to” list:

The Village Party Store on 13 E 8th St has more than 2,000 getups to offer!

Halloween Adventure on 104 4th Ave is close to Union Square and open all year round. They also stay open til midnight as part of their “October Extended Hours”, for you late night shoppers.

Ricky’s is a great option in a multitude of neighborhoods-45 Halloween “super stores” throughout Manhattan.

Abracadabra Superstore on 19 w 21st St is a three level ‘haunted house vibe’ shop that sells costumes and has makeup artists on hand that detail in body painting as well. The best part- they have and rent an extensive costume and prop selection (both outrageous and hysterical).

Sprit has 14 locations in Manhattan, sells everything you will need to celebrate the holiday from home decor to costumes and accessories. Unique finds here include group costumes, theatrical contact lenses, and an extensive mask selection.