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Why NYC Rocks, May 2010

Shop Gotham is all about NYC; not just shopping. We share with you more reasons why NYC Rocks

1)Because: At 8:30 am this morning, the phenom country band Sugarland played in Central Park for free as part of the Good Morning America concert series.  New Yorkers not being ardent country music fans, the 150 or so watchers had a near private concert in the most perfect setting imaginable

2)Because Kelsey Grammer can be seen and not bothered while hanging out on Columbus Ave.

 3)Because most NYC women still have original unenhanced  “god-given” breasts.

4)Because if you ate out 3x a day 365 days a year, you would still not have covered all of the restaurants here (because 1/2 of those you ate in will have been replaced by another by year’s end)

5)Because today the cast of In the Heights played the cast of Billy Elliot today in teh Broadway Show League

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See ya in NY!