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Interview with a Fit Model: Part Two

Guess who wore it first?

Shop Gotham was thrilled to interview someone who works behind the scenes in the fashion industry:  the fit model.  In case you missed last week’s post, a fit model is a young woman hired by a designer to try on clothes and give feedback as to the fit.  Sound like your dream job?  Even the best jobs have their ups and downs.  Read on…

Shop Gotham (SG): So what’s the worst thing a designer’s ever said to you?

Fit Model (FM): I used to work with a tech designer who very much esteemed himself as the resident fun-sassy-gay-wild card.  One day he said to me, “Turn around, Bessie.”  And then he mooed!   And laughed and laughed at himself.  He was completely oblivious to how incredibly rude that was.   He thought he was hilarious, playful and off-the-cuff. I wanted to smack him, but I just gritted my teeth, smiled, and followed instructions.

SG: What a jerk!  Do they ever say catty things about celebrities?

FM: The worst thing I’ve heard a designer say was probably the time when one was discussing which celebrity to dress for an upcoming awards show. I thought that when a big celebrity wanted to wear a certain designer’s clothes, the designer jumped at the chance. But apparently designers are very particular about who is “representing” their brand. So this particular designer, upon hearing that Sarah Jessica Parker had put in a request to wear a dress by said designer, responded, “Um, ew. She’s, um… Not what she once was. You know. She’s old.” It was very dismissive and harsh.

SG: I don’t suppose you’ll tell us who that was?

FM: Not a chance.

SG: Well if he wants to take his career in that direction, maybe he’ll get to dress young, up-and-coming starlets like Honey Boo Boo.  What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever gotten to wear?

FM: It’s a tie between a couple of things at my most high-end/luxury/couture account.  Google “Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games premiere.”  I wore that first!  Google “Anne Hathaway Dark Knight Rises premiere.”   That white, draped Grecian gown? Wore that one first too. I also recently fit an incredible red gown with crazy ’30s-meets-futuristic shoulder cut outs that I expect to see on a celebrity any day now. Those few dresses I just mentioned were very rare instances of coming out from behind the changing screen, looking in the mirror, and thinking, ” DAMN I look good.”

Stay tuned for more interviews with a fit model!