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Unique new things to do in NYC 2014 when visiting

Ah NY, a new activity a minute, no way for us locals to keep up. How is a visitor to choose what to do on their short stay in the big city! It’s tough, but here are a couple of new ideas:

  • DRAG singers to entertain you at lunch. On the far fat west side of midtown, stands the new OUT hotel, 510 West 42nd street. Sunday at their restaurant Kitchn is a real treat, with a duo of sumptuous drag singers who will make you thing Lady Gaga is actually in the room. The menu offers unlimited mimosas and American cuisine.
  • Any of our Shop Gotham shopping tours. Specifically, our newest tour, Costume Design and the Performance World, takes you on a journey throughout the exciting and elusive industry of wardrobing for Broadway and Film.

Shop Gotham was named a TOP 10 tour by the New York City Convention Bureau (http://www.nycgo.com/slideshows/10-top-tours-2014.03.05/10) and ranks #23 of all 465 Activities in NYC on TripAdvisor.