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How To Spot a New Yorker

A few of our favorite archetypes to be found on City streets:

1. The Wall Street Commuter

Sexy Banker Biking to Bank

Probably lives: Downtown in a high rise.

Gets to work: Via foldable bike

Shops: J. Crew Men’s Shop at the Liquor Store

2.  Artisan Baker

Probably lives: Brooklyn

Gets to work: By Subway

Shops: Brooklyn Industries

3.  The Model

Probably lives: Soho or Nolita

Gets to work: A taxi, of course!

Shops: Searle, Scoop, Intermix

New York City Sample Sale Season Commences Soon – get RRRReady to shop with Shop Gotham NYC Shopping tours

Hard as it to believe, holiday season will commence just as you are brushing away the Halloween mini Snickers from your teeth.  This means Sample Sale season in NYC commences! yeah! With it, comes your  rich rewards for holding off buying retail this Fall.  High season will commence around November 16th and stay exciting until about December 20th.  All levels of designer apparel and accessories can be yours at steep discount IF you know how to find them.  During this peak time,  Shop Gotham’s Garment Center “insider” tours will include 1-2 of the best sales available each day. We know what’s what. Expect names like: Tory Burch, Autumn Cashmere, Oscar de la Renta, Milly, Cynthia Steffe, Malia Mills, Cynthia Vincent, Parker, Rachel Zoe and many many more like it.

Tours have a max of 12 persons so advanced booking is essential.

www. shopgotham.com

Does this make me look fat?

Common Dressing Room Question

At Shop Gotham we hear that question over and over.  But guess what?  Sometimes it’s not you, honey, it’s the store.  Blogger Ryan O’Connell posted this hilarious list of stores guaranteed to make you feel fat! See if your favorites (or least favorites) made the list by clicking on the link!

Weekly Discounts on NYC Fashion Shopping Tours

Each week, Shop Gotham offers a special discount off ONE of its NYC fashion  shopping tours. If this happens to be the day and tour you are seeking, you will be in luck. Men and Women’s shopping tours. Check back weekly. www.shopgotham.com


Things to do in NYC February 2011

Men and Women. If you plan to both shop and explore while visiting NYC this winter, you may want to consider one of  Shop Gotham’s specialty shopping tours. Seasonal low rates apply in February,  but the goods are still great!

Garment Center “Insider” Tour (for women)

Ladies, this is for you deal-hunters. See the neighborhood that is the epicenter of women’s fashion & design. Special Wholesale shopping access, & hot designer Sample Sales, all the while getting an inside peek of this industry. The perfect program for savvy shoppers, fashionistas and anyone interested in seeing one of the last wholesale districts at work.



(NEW!) Men’s NYC Shopping Tour: Fashion, Home and Art for the Discerning Man.

Guys, its time to be elevated from bag- carrying status to center of attention. This tour takes gentlemen to a selection of very special make spots for wallet friendly contemporary clothing as well as designer splurges. And you will be fawned over and enjoy some perks.  Indecisive? not to worry, you will be led around by a credentialed stylist who will assist and teach. Enjoy a must-see art or photo exhibit and shop for other things you “should have” , such as a great scent and the right grooming tools.  Men’s Shopping Tours 


Shop Gotham launches first NYC Mens Shopping Tour

For the past ten years, female visitors to NYC have come to rely on Shop Gotham for insider shopping tours. On Feb. 18th, Shop Gotham adds a new feather to its proverbially stylish cap with the addition of a Men’s shopping tour to its regularly scheduled roster of programs. Shop Gotham knows that the fashion-savvy male tourist is underserved in the current market and hopes to attract clients of all ages and inclinations who have come to New York in hopes of finding more exciting fashion options than what is being offered back home.  

Commencing on February 18th, the 3-hour Men’s NYC Shopping Tour: Fashion, Home & Art for the Discerning Man, will take guests into the newly-chic Bowery district and then wind through the neighboring ever-fashionable Soho and Nolita, showcasing a well-edited selection of stops frequented by locals ”in the know.” From wallet-friendly contemporary clothing to upscale designer splurges, this eclectic tour offers a full range of possibilities for the discerning, stylish male. Gentleman shoppers will also visit a celebrated art or photo gallery, a men’s grooming emporium and a plush designer home store or two for the ultimate New York City keepsake

What makes this extra special is being led by a New York City stylist. Groups will be kept to a maximum of 8 persons so that all can benefit from his sharp eye and sense of style and nuance. The stylist/guide will assist with selections, aid the indecisive guy and share the latest fashion trends at every turn.

Guests will also enjoy special insider perks, such as exclusive store discounts, the chance to meet a local designer, and occasional showroom or sample sale visits.  As with all Shop Gotham tours, they will get a sense of the history and stories behind these dynamic New York City neighborhoods. 

It’s the perfect tour for men who either love fashion, home design and art or want to learn more about any of these respective categories.  It’s also great for guys looking for something different to do, while actually getting to see the city they are visiting.  

 Tours run Every Friday at 2pm, commencing on February 18, 2011. Introductory prices for February and March.

 For more information or to purchase tickets, please see: www.shopgotham.com

Phone: 917-599-6650