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Recent Soho & Nolita Shopping Tour Review

March 16th, 2014

Why you should take a Soho & Nolita NYC Shopping Tour with Shop Gotham

Reviewed March 15, 2014 NEW
Good Adventure!
There were only 5 on our tour, which was a really good number for venturing around the Nolita area. We were taken into a variety of boutique shops where no two places were alike. The size of our group also allowed for an “education” in life in Nolita. From shopping to architecture to a special stop at a cupcake shop, this was a great tour!
Visited March 2014

Student Group Shopping Tours are so much fun!

November 25th, 2013
A custom shopping program took place this past Saturday in Soho. The Student Group Tour consisted of 500 students from over the world. This 4 hour tour commenced in the West Village, the historical NYC hub for music and home to the rock/folk movement of the 60’s and 70’s. Our students learned about historical landmarks, cast iron architecture, historical music venues, and major musicians and artists of that time. This tour also included a meet and greet with fashion and jewelry designers, exclusive shopping discounts at our partner stores in SoHo, as well as the exploration of the beautiful and unique Soho/Nolita neighborhoods.
If you are looking for something fun and educational to do for your students visiting NYC, let us customize a shopping tour for your student group! Rest assured, you will enjoy it too!

Back to school shopping in NYC

August 16th, 2013

Back to school shopping is just around the corner! Let’s face it-who doesn’t love new clothes? Shopping for school clothes is not only a fun day spent with mom but also a chance to depict your personal style for the year ahead. Shop Gotham has back to school covered, offering fun and fashion forward guided shopping tours that are great for both mom and daughter! Spend the afternoon shopping NYC’s hottest boutiques in Soho/Nolita (with a special discount card provided by your guide), take a break for brunch, then catch a broadway show. Perfect day spent in New York City-check!

What to wear when visiting NYC in July

July 19th, 2013

Keep it light! That is- your fabrics, silhouettes and colors this summer. Sheer tops, printed silk trousers, summer sundresses and anything from white to champagne! Simplicity is key, the classic white T shirt never goes out of style. Don’t forget to pack a layering piece, such as a colorful blazer or tailored denim vest. Even on the hottest day of July the stores in Soho can get chilly! If your summer wardrobe is weighing you down do not hesitate to book a Shop Gotham shopping tour to lighten it up! Our guides are chic and can help you capitalize on your best looks this summer.

Five Reasons to Love NYC Parks in the Summer!

May 23rd, 2013

New Yorkers earn some serious outdoor time after surviving our long, snowy, wet winters.  So the moment the temperature hits 70, we head to the sidewalk cafes, the waterfront, and especially the parks!  Here are five fantastic reasons to love NYC Parks!

1.  Shakespeare in the Park

From late May to mid August free tickets are available on a first-come, first served basis for these star-studded, only-in-NYC performances.  For once the hottest ticket in town can’t be found on Broadway!  This year the Public Theatre presents Comedy of Errors and a musical version of Love’s Labour’s Lost.  These productions have been known to move to Broadway, so see it this summer (for free) so you can say you saw it first!

2.  Summerstage

City Parks Foundation hosts free concerts in over 750 venues citywide.  But the most popular by far is Summerstage, which brings A-list talent like Adele and the Indigo Girls to Rumsey Playfield, off of West 72nd Street.  These concerts get incredibly crowded, and tickets are almost impossible to get, so check out the Summerstage link and plan your summer accordingly!

3.  HBO Bryant Park Summer Films

The lawn at Bryant Park opens at 5:00 PM, the movies start around 9:00.  Not a space can be found by 6:00 PM, so popular is this NYC summer tradition of free classic movies outdoors.  Pack a picnic, invite good company, and prepare to settle down for a night you won’t forget.  This year’s offerings range from Tootsie to ET.  And it’s all free!

4.  Free Yoga in Bryant Park

Offered twice weekly, this free yoga series provides challenging vinyasa flow to literally hundreds of yogis throughout the City.  For the past ten years, Lululemon Athletica has been sponsoring this event, providing instructors and mats for New Yorkers in need of Zen.  Namaste!

5.  Broadway in Bryant Park

Those reading this blog now see why Bryant Park is quickly becoming the favorite park of the locals!  Every summer Bryant Park hosts hundreds of free events, twice a year they host Fashion Week, and once a year they host a spectacular gift bazaar, complete with a free ice skating rink.  But Broadway in Bryant Park holds a special place for Shop Gotham tour guides, most of whom confess an unadulterated love of musical theatre.  Every Thursday throughout July and August, the most popular Broadway shows perform their biggest hit.  The ONLY way to see Broadway for free!

Shop Gotham NYC Shopping Tour Blog

November 19th, 2012

We root for every new store that opens in Soho, and we’re particularly excited about K-Way.  This European brand used to be found exclusively in stores such as Neiman Marcus and J. Crew.  But now they have a flagship store right in the heart of Manhattan.  You can come visit it on the Shop Gotham Soho/Nolita tour.

K-Way is known for lightweight jackets that fold into a small pouch: perfect for travelers!   The store’s modern interior—featuring clear hanging bubble chairs for weary shoppers—reflects the brand’s clean and simple designs. Highlights include men’s reversible jackets ($79–$225), women’s full-length nylon coats ($89–$369), bucket hats ($35) and unisex nylon pants ($49–$89). K-Way will soon be collaborating with well-known designers, including Collection Privée, and these exclusive designs will be found only in the New York store.

Shop Gotham NYC Shopping Tours Blog

November 16th, 2012
The Frye Flagship Store in Soho

Followers of this blog know that Shop Gotham loves a shoe sale.  What you may not know is that we drool over just about every pair of Frye boots we happen to come across– which we often do, given that the boots are  a staple of New York City boutiques.

However, this year Frye has branched out on their own, opening the very first Frye store on Spring Street in Soho.  This flagship store features 15-foot ceilings, exposed brick walls and reclaimed barn doors.  Its design has earned it a LEED certification.  The boots themselves are every bit as classic and drool-worthy as ever, and if you express a moment’s confusion or hesitation, there is a private-fit specialist on hand to pair you up with your perfect boot.  It’s the perfect, practical indulgence for the upcoming winter.  We’ll take you there on a Shop Gotham Soho tour today!

Interview With a Fit Model

October 24th, 2012

Fit model?  What’s a fit model?

Have you ever found yourself frustrated in a dressing room, thinking, “Who actually fits into this stuff?”  Or have you ever tried on a dress that fit you so perfectly it seemed to have been made for you?  Well, today we’re going to fill you in on a fashion industry secret:  the fit model.  Designers hire young women of “real people” proportions– which usually means a size six– to test the fit of certain garments before they’re released to the retailers.   We got one young lady to dish to SG about the ins and outs of this niche job– anonymously, of course.  Who knows?  You might run into her on a Shop Gotham Garment Center tour…

Shop Gotham (SG): So what exactly does a fit model do?

Fit Model (FM): A fit model is basically a walking, talking mannequin who can give feedback about the fit of a garment to the technical designers, whose job it  is to make clothing fit as perfectly as possible. It means my measurements happen to be “industry standard,” so my proportions are the ones used when clothing goes from being a sketch to becoming a physical garment. I try on clothes all day, and call out how something doesn’t feel right or how it does feel right.  The tech designers try to reconcile those critiques with the list of “specs” (their list of  industry-standard measurements) that they have to folllow to keep everything consistent.

SG: You mention an industry standard, but sometimes a woman will be one size in one store and a different size in another.  Why is that?

FM: I’m a size 6 at all of my accounts. Every brand is different though!  I’ve been on go-sees (fit model auditions, basically) where I’m much too small or much too big for their size 6. Some places want models with a larger bust, or a particularly curvy midsection, etc. It depends on “who their customer is”- so a brand that caters towards middle aged women, for instance, won’t use a model who may meet the industry standard measurements, but her weight distribution gives her the overall shape of a woman in her early 20s. It all sounds very arbitrary but if there’s one thing that “fashion people” are, it’s picky!

SG: Do you ever have to do anything to manipulate your measurements?

FM: At one account, I wear padded bra inserts; at another, I literally used to wear a stick-on butt pad to make my low hip measurement 1/2″ bigger.

SG: Wow!  With so much emphasis on your measurements, do you have to be really careful about what you eat?

FM: At the risk of making everyone hate me, I have to work remarkably little to maintain my body the way the job requires it to be.  I can work out like crazy and watch everything I eat, or not go to the gym for weeks and eat whatever I want and I stay the same.

SG: Ooh, I do hate you a little bit.  What would happen if you weren’t so lucky?

FM: I at least have to stay “within tolerance,” which is about a quarter of an inch. I’ve been running a lot lately to prepare for an upcoming race, which I told my agents and they promptly re-measured me.  They like to stay on top of how/if our measurements change. I feel bad for girls who fluctuate a lot because that often leads to losing a job… but another one that your body is right for is usually right around the corner. I lost a little bit here and there, but not enough for my accounts to notice yet, fortunately.  So [my agents]  told me to start drinking something carbonated before my appointments so I’d “puff up” a little!  But then of course there’s those days when you’re a wee bit bloated or some such, and you just suck in your gut and hope the hour goes by quickly!

Stay tuned for more interviews with our anonymous fit model on www.shopgotham.com!

What to Wear: Fall 2012 Special Shoe Edition

October 19th, 2012

It’s that time of year, ladies!  Time to crack out the comfy sweaters and short jackets that characterize an autumn wardrobe.  At Shop Gotham we believe the secret to staying in style lies in adding new touches to last season’s classics.  Read on to find out the fall trends that will easily update your fall ensemble.

The Royal Touch:  Brocade!

Remember how over the summer you kept seeing things in native American fabrics?  While this trend was sometimes cute and cozy, it could easily turn into a fashion don’t. Luckily, Navajo is on its way out, and brocade is on its way in.  So from Asian-inspired patterns to Elizabethean bargello, feel free to feel fancy this season! Remember:  a little bit of chinoserie can go a long way.  These Dolce and Gabbana tights and heels  make for a good place to start… although only the most adventurous will pair them together!

Smoking Loafers

Another season, another excuse to buy a new pair of shoes.  At least that’s how Shop Gotham sees it!   As Joanna Coles, the stunning new editor of Marie Claire, put it in her own magazine, “After a summer in high sandals, I am embracing the smoking loafer and the ankle-skimming pant.”  (This comfy attire looks great with or without the actual cigarette!)  So throw out your ballet flats, which have to be in tatters after so many  seasons, and sink your feet into a shoe that is part slipper, part sensible indulgence.

Ankle Boots

Whether slouchy or straight, stiletto or stacked, this seaon’s ankle boots have one thing in common:  sexiness!  We love boots at Shop Gotham because in addition to being consistently stylish, they are warm, sturdy and offer the option of a comfortable boost in height.   This season’s ankle booties pair well with everything from dresses to skinny jeans.   Pick up a pair on a Shop Gotham Soho tour today!

New York City Sample Sale Season Commences Soon – get RRRReady to shop with Shop Gotham NYC Shopping tours

October 18th, 2012

Hard as it to believe, holiday season will commence just as you are brushing away the Halloween mini Snickers from your teeth.  This means Sample Sale season in NYC commences! yeah! With it, comes your  rich rewards for holding off buying retail this Fall.  High season will commence around November 16th and stay exciting until about December 20th.  All levels of designer apparel and accessories can be yours at steep discount IF you know how to find them.  During this peak time,  Shop Gotham’s Garment Center “insider” tours will include 1-2 of the best sales available each day. We know what’s what. Expect names like: Tory Burch, Autumn Cashmere, Oscar de la Renta, Milly, Cynthia Steffe, Malia Mills, Cynthia Vincent, Parker, Rachel Zoe and many many more like it.

Tours have a max of 12 persons so advanced booking is essential.

www. shopgotham.com