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Why You Must Go to Central Park when in NYC

You may live in a lovely city chock full of parks and wonder why bother visiting This park on your precious vacation to New York.

Yes, this expansive 2.5 mile long famous place has a Zoo, Broadway Baseball leagues, lovely restaurants, a carousel and skating rink, running paths galore and a million nooks and crannies to read a book, meditate or take a nap. All good reasons, but that is not the most important one.

We, who have been living in and observing New York and its inhabitants for 3 decades know that if you want to see real New Yorkers, this is the place to go. Our Oasis.

On a Sunday, especially in Spring and Fall, the park is doused with thousands of .. wait for it.. New Yorkers RELAXING! Away from our lightless apartments or stress filled office cubicles, the inhabitants of this city are actually kind and gentle people, who will caress and guide visitors with generosity of spirit as unknown on a Tuesday in Midtown.

Do not come to NYC and miss Central Park. It is worth the visit.

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3 More Reasons NYC Rocks

3 More Reasons NYC Rocks

1) Almost All Shops are open on Sunday (exception: upper Madison avenue). We recommend taking our Soho & Nolita shopping tour at noon on Sunday. Wake up late. Take your tour. Follow it by a late leisurely lunch at a charming cafe in Soho or Nolita. Shop some more. Drag your bags home. Take a nap. A perfect sunday.

2)Cover bands at BBKings. Almost any musician you have ever loved is represented at BBkings by a “look-alike band”, who are often as good as the real deal. Typically $15. Civilized environment with food & bev.

3)Philharmonic in Central Park. True that about a zillion other people also show up to picnic under the stars. But there is always a patch of grass to snag and hey, its the NY Philarmonic for free! July 17 2009.

Why NYC Rocks

Visiting NYC July 11-  17? Well you are in luck. Lots of goodies await:

1)Sample Sales  still rage. Take  one of Shop Gotham’s Garment  Center shopping tours and check out hip lines Charlotte Ronson and GAR-DE.  plus: Guests get to order fabulous handbags for the fall at wholesale  – items just shipping to the stores  right now! and so much more.. 

2)MET OPERA in the Park – Central Park that is, tonight july 11th at 8pm

2)Restaurant Week Commences again. True it comes around often now, but hey, a deal is a deal and what a way to check out NYC’s finest of dining.

3)See Brad Paisley in Central Park for Free! Friday, July 15  at 8:00am.   part of the Good Morning America Concert Series. Even city folk appreciate these sweet crooners




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Chic Tiq – a recommended NYC Shopping sale site

Goodness knows, there are seemingly infinite sites these days to buy fashion. Once in a while a different twist on shopping does pop up that’s worthy of note. Today it is Chic Tiq. www.chictiq.com.

Chic Tiq provides the name of every fashion boutique in NYC by neighborhood. Keeping this information current is not an easy feat.  Its’ interactive map allows the visitor to point to any respective neighborhood to see what to find there: store addresses and web links are included. What we find most appealing is the store Sale info noted on the left side of the page.

So for our Shop Gotham guests.. here is a recommended approach for your precious shopping time in NYC. Day I. Take one of our “insider” tours and reap the benefits of special deals and a guide to hold your hand. www.shopgotham.com

Day II. Pick a neighborhood to explore independently with the help of Chic Tiq. www.Chitiq.com 

After all, there is no better shopping in the world than in NYC!


Things to do with your Teens in NYC in March, April, May

Are you bringing your teenagers to NYC this spring and worried about keeping them happy and entertained? Well, if you have daughters, you know they want to shop, shop and then shop some more. Consider a Shop Gotham shopping tour and let us take the guess-work out of your NYC shopping forays.  Your girls will thank you for it .. and you’ll thank us. www.shopgotham.com


3 Reasons NYC Rocks

1)Even if you cant afford one item at Bergdorf Goodman, anyone can wander in and almost always spot a celeb. Last week Kelsey Grammer and wife spotted in shoe dept.  PS. Fine dept stores are also very useful for their lovely bathrooms.

2)Street Vendors in Soho.  Some of the best authentic jewelry, hats, art & whatnot are sold on the streets of Soho. Talented folks without the overhead of stores, create and sell edgy & trendy at a fraction of the stores’ prices. TIP: The exception is those located on Broadway. These vendors sell the mass merch shipped in overseas.

3)Because some of the best music can be heard in the subways.

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 gra.mer spoted w wife at BG better shoes, shout out to Conrans for bathroom stuff & other cool kitch – give link /address – new subject: shout out?