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Why You Must Go to Central Park when in NYC

You may live in a lovely city chock full of parks and wonder why bother visiting This park on your precious vacation to New York.

Yes, this expansive 2.5 mile long famous place has a Zoo, Broadway Baseball leagues, lovely restaurants, a carousel and skating rink, running paths galore and a million nooks and crannies to read a book, meditate or take a nap. All good reasons, but that is not the most important one.

We, who have been living in and observing New York and its inhabitants for 3 decades know that if you want to see real New Yorkers, this is the place to go. Our Oasis.

On a Sunday, especially in Spring and Fall, the park is doused with thousands of .. wait for it.. New Yorkers RELAXING! Away from our lightless apartments or stress filled office cubicles, the inhabitants of this city are actually kind and gentle people, who will caress and guide visitors with generosity of spirit as unknown on a Tuesday in Midtown.

Do not come to NYC and miss Central Park. It is worth the visit.

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Our Top NYC Picks Of The Month

Our Top NYC Picks Of The Month

It goes without saying that New York City can be overwhelming. Here at Shop Gotham, we not only want to take you on the best shopping tours in the city, but we also want you to see things that are off the beaten—things only New Yorkers would know. Each month we will bring to you our Top picks of the city; whether they are places to visit, top tips and general advice that will help make your trip to the world’s greatest city, one to remember. Here it goes:

  1. Brandy’s Piano Bar, E 84th Street: An evening at a quaint bar is the perfect follow up to a shopping tour with us! Brandy’s Piano Bar on the Upper East Side is as old as New York but still makes for a fabulous evening of entertainment. Sing out loud with wonderfully talented broadway folks and enjoy a lovely drink while you are there. It certainly keeps the crowds coming! Visit: http://brandyspianobar.com/brandys1
  2. Link phone charging stations: Link have teamed up with the city to bring you very convenient charging stations. No need to worry about making sure your battery is full! You will be ready to Instagram your amazing day in the city in no time once you pitstop at one of these.4-1
  3. Alex Bittar Jewelry Sample Sale: Known for awe-inspiring costume and fine jewelry, be sure to make it down to the Alex Bittar sample sale this week on 20 W 36th St. Thurs-Sun 10am-7pm.
  4. Lace it up! Our favorite spring/summer trend is in full swing. We cannot get enough of lace-up flats—the perfect shoe to wear whilst exploring the city all day and still looking completely stylish. These are a must have! Glamour tells us more: Lace Up Flats SS166c6dea689d13043aecdf1854a9e19aba-1

Until next week,

Shop Gotham x

Plan your New York City trip in advance

Plan your New York City trip in advance

Planning ahead when visiting NYC is key. We’re not just talking about a few weeks in advance, but sometimes months or even a year! There are so many amazing events and organizations to see while you are here that it’s best to do your research in advance. Why you ask? So you don’t miss out on amazing events such as the Women in the World Summit, that we attended earlier this week.

Organized by journalist Tina Brown and in its seventh year, this three-day summit introduced several dozen inspiration women who are leaders or doing the kind of important work we should all know about. Shop Gotham was present at this extraordinary event at Lincoln Center and found it to be a must do in NYC.

Speakers included: Ayaan Ali Hirsi, a leader in the voice against the hardship of Islamic Laws on women, Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, Mindy Kaling, the actor and comedian, Meryl Streep, Katie Couric, Thomas Friedman, Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO of AARP, Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, the International Monetary Fund and many others.

If you are planning to come to NYC in 2017, we encourage you to really plan ahead to attend this summit and be prepared to be enlightened and inspired.

For more information click here.

See some pics we captured from the event below:

women of the world - entranfce

Above: Entrance to the summit at Lincoln Center 

women of the world - bush group

Above: Savannah Gurthrie interviewing Laura Bush, Barbara Bush Jr., Jenna Hager Bush

“Soho tour was the highlight of our Trip!”

As a small and local New York business, Shop Gotham truly values feedback from our guests. A very special thank you to Harriet from the UK for sharing her Soho and Nolita Shopping Tour experience on TripAdvisor and giving us a 5 Star Review. We hope to shop with you next time you visit NYC!

Reviewed April 3, 2015

“Guide was FABULOUS! Even with 6 other guests along, she Catered to our interests and was very knowledgeable about the area. We were given a great map and it was suggested we use it to mark places we wanted to return to, which turned out to be an excellent tip. A couple of English stores have just arrived to NYC and we especially enjoyed those. The time goes very fast, so plan to stick around after and make time to go back to the street vendor selling one of kind, beautiful things on Prince and Mulberry. Great program.”

Harriet M, Visited March 2015

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Self Directed Teen Shopping Tours

Shopping in New York with teens is no longer a daunting challenge thanks to Shop Gotham’s Self Directed Tour offering. Whether looking for special event dresses like Prom or wedding appropriate, or just want to focus on teen appropriate stores for casual school and weekend clothing, Shop Gotham’s Teen Dress Shopping Itineraries are now available for Spring.

Spring 2015 fashion and accessories are now available in stores throughout the city. Each Self Directed Shopping Tour itinerary contains up to 25 relevant stores including store offerings, price range, location and hours of operation. Bring some friends or the whole family and make an afternoon of it!

Please direct any and all itinerary inquiries to: info@shopgotham.com or 917-599-6650

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Garment Center Shopping

A recent, glowing review on our Garment Center Shopping Tour with a personal recognition for one of our guides, Jacque.

“Fun and fashionable!”
Reviewed August 17, 2014
Loved this trip: one of the highlights of a week n NYC. Jacque was a bubbly tour guide and knew the showrooms well. It was interesting and informative to see the designer’s rooms and learn a little about the process. Our first stop was the best: what woman doesn’t want a beautiful bag at well under the wholesale cost? Great deals, met some lovely ladies…had a fun time!
Visited August 2014

Thank you to all of our shoppers for your continual feedback on TripAdvisor, it is always appreciated!


“Low-season” Rates: Garment Center Tours

Shopping wholesale in the Garment Center is an exclusive chance to purchase handmade designer pieces at 50-80% off of the price you’d normally find in retail stores. Save on your tour booking and your shopping during the next two months on a Shop Gotham shopping tour!

Shop Gotham is offering lowered rates for Garment Center tours as the winter months ensue. For the months of January and February, enjoy the tour of New York’s Garment District for only $60.
In addition, booking with us directly will save you the “booking fee”
Inquiries to 917.599.6650 or info@shopgotham.com

What to wear when visiting NYC in July

Keep it light! That is- your fabrics, silhouettes and colors this summer. Sheer tops, printed silk trousers, summer sundresses and anything from white to champagne! Simplicity is key, the classic white T shirt never goes out of style. Don’t forget to pack a layering piece, such as a colorful blazer or tailored denim vest. Even on the hottest day of July the stores in Soho can get chilly! If your summer wardrobe is weighing you down do not hesitate to book a Shop Gotham shopping tour to lighten it up! Our guides are chic and can help you capitalize on your best looks this summer.

Get Your NYC Fashion Fix

Get Your New York Fashion Fix

Immediately after landing, you order JFK Airport Transportation, then you get into your limo or town car and drive to the main island (Manhattan) to leave your luggage. Once at the hotel, you notice your itinerary is blank for that day! What do you do? So, you take out your smartphone and you Google “shopping in NYC.”

New York City: the fashion capital of the New World. Here, garments fly off the runway during fashion week and into boutiques and shops all over the city. You don’t need to wait for the fashion to trickle down to become available in stores near you. In New York City, you can buy raw fashion at it source. If you’re ever in New York City to get your fashion fix, here are a few neighborhoods to keep in mind where you’ll everything from loafers and heels to pencil skirts and floral silk dresses.


When one thinks about SoHo, it’s impossible not to think about it’s large influence in hipster culture. Not only is SoHo seen as one of the best neighborhoods to find trendy clothes, but it also offers something for everyone, ranging from expensive couture to affordable outerwear. Based just south of Houston street, SoHo is a neighborhood that is lined with boutiques, trendy patisseries for pit stops and mainstream stores such as Hollister, Bloomingdale’s and Barney’s New York. Take your pick!


A few blocks from the trendy SoHo district in Manhattan, NoLita, based north of Little Italy, is a mixture of hipster, artistically ethnic cultures, being mainly a boutique neighborhood. Whether you’re walking down Broome or Spring street, there’s bound to be a shop that catches your eye. From sock and eye stores (The Sock Hop) to a street bazaar lined with homemade hats, dresses, pants shoes and other knick knacks, NoLita surely will push the limits of your fashion sense.


Being in one of the most expensive zip codes in the country, Tribeca is one of the hotspots for film seekers and celebrities such as Jay-Z,  Beyonce, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow. It also happens to be one of the hubs of modern New York City fashion. One shop that is gaining popularity is the now world famous JEM Fabric Warehouse. Allowing customers to literally design their look, JEM tailors and seamstresses will take your concept, whether it be original or off the cover of a magazine, and will re-create it in whatever pattern, fabric and color you’d like.

West Village and Greenwich Village

European fashions that migrate to the United States usually take a quick pit stop before arriving to the runways of Fashion Week. Yes, I’m talking about the West Village area, which also encompasses Greenwich Village. Located on the west side of Manhattan a few blocks from Tribeca, West and Greenwich have evolved over the past few years, incorporating themselves into the New York City fashion world, comparable to that of SoHo and Fifth Ave. Just off of Bleecker Street, locals flock to the retailers that line the street, offering the newest fashion for a bargain. If you want to shop like a local, the West Village and Greenwich Village may just be for your. It’s just a cab ride away!

Fifth Ave.

Just northeast of the West Village lies the Mecca of high end fashion in all of New York City. Located on Fifth Ave. between 34th and 59th street, Fifth Ave (no name need to be given) is the epitome of American fashion centered in the middle of Manhattan. Shops that have accumulated notoriety over the years, Tiffany and Co., Bergdorf Goodman and those in the Trump Tower, still line the sidewalks of this bubbly neighborhood. International designer fashion can also be found the on northern end of the street. Fifth Avenue is also the site of several films and TV shows such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sex and the City and The Apprentice due to it being one of the centers of tourism. So, take a cab, grab a latte and enjoy the day on Fifth Ave.

Being in New York is an indulgence in itself, but shopping in New York makes it a luxury. There’s definitely nothing like it. Next time you drop by the city, why not take a quick shopping tour of these neighborhoods? You won’t regret it!

March 29, 2013, NYC Wholesale Showroom and Sample Sale Tour – Deal of the Week


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