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NYC Shopping July 4th weekend 2011

Shop Gotham shopping tours are running Friday, July 1st. 

For great deals on designer clothing, check out the Garment Center “Insider” shopping tour for women. 

To see what is “on trend” in the world, check out the Soho & Nolita Chic Boutiques shopping tour.  Bundles of exclusive store discounts and targetted sales as well.

For the Weekly Shop Gotham deal, check out our front page often!

 For more information or to book, please go to www.shopgotham.com. Tours max at 12 persons!

Shopping tours, NYC – May 21 Deal

Shop Gotham’s weekly deal: 20% off the May 22, Soho & Nolita shopping tour. Fabulous independent boutiques, sample sales and all that makes NYC the best shopping in the world. www.shopgotham.com.    Code: May 22 

Tours max at 12 persons so tickets are very limited. Save  on the tour, more for your spring 2011 clothing and wardrobe