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Chic Tiq – a recommended NYC Shopping sale site

July 8th, 2010

Goodness knows, there are seemingly infinite sites these days to buy fashion. Once in a while a different twist on shopping does pop up that’s worthy of note. Today it is Chic Tiq. www.chictiq.com.

Chic Tiq provides the name of every fashion boutique in NYC by neighborhood. Keeping this information current is not an easy feat.  Its’ interactive map allows the visitor to point to any respective neighborhood to see what to find there: store addresses and web links are included. What we find most appealing is the store Sale info noted on the left side of the page.

So for our Shop Gotham guests.. here is a recommended approach for your precious shopping time in NYC. Day I. Take one of our “insider” tours and reap the benefits of special deals and a guide to hold your hand. www.shopgotham.com

Day II. Pick a neighborhood to explore independently with the help of Chic Tiq. www.Chitiq.com 

After all, there is no better shopping in the world than in NYC!


NYC Shopping Tours on Sale, July 14- 17 2010

July 7th, 2010

If you happen to be coming to NYC to shop the week of July 14 -17, you have struck a good date. Shop Gotham is offering 10% off all our shopping tours this week and this week only.

Garment Center: There are still some terrific Sample Sales happening- so catch them while you can. Showrooms are “giving away” their Summer goods as well as starting to offer our guests early Fall items. And did you know that on almost every “Garment Center insider tour”, our guests meet at least one designer? 

Soho/Nolita: Who doesnt want to be led to the chic & uber cool NYC  indie shops. NYC is loaded with them, but you need to know where they are, as they turn over faster than you can keep up.

Want to take advantage of this offer?: www.shopgotham.com Code: July10  


More Reasons NYC Rocks

June 21st, 2010

1)Because Grand Central Station is not only a fabulous architectual structure, but it has AMAZING food options. Catching a train.. no need to pack your snacks ahead of time

2)Because you can stumble into a TV or movie production on any block

3)Because Alicia Keys is playing free in Central Park this Friday.

If we know all this, imagine what we know about Shopping. Take one of Shop Gotham’s shopping tours and get the true inside scoop



Why NYC Rocks, May 2010

May 28th, 2010

Shop Gotham is all about NYC; not just shopping. We share with you more reasons why NYC Rocks

1)Because: At 8:30 am this morning, the phenom country band Sugarland played in Central Park for free as part of the Good Morning America concert series.  New Yorkers not being ardent country music fans, the 150 or so watchers had a near private concert in the most perfect setting imaginable

2)Because Kelsey Grammer can be seen and not bothered while hanging out on Columbus Ave.

 3)Because most NYC women still have original unenhanced  “god-given” breasts.

4)Because if you ate out 3x a day 365 days a year, you would still not have covered all of the restaurants here (because 1/2 of those you ate in will have been replaced by another by year’s end)

5)Because today the cast of In the Heights played the cast of Billy Elliot today in teh Broadway Show League

If you like what we like, you will also love our shopping tourswww.shopgotham.com.

See ya in NY! 


Mother's Day 15% off Soho/Nolita Shopping Tours

April 25th, 2010

Take Mom shopping. Or yourself. You know that’s the best gift!

In honor of the occasion, enjoy 15% off for this weekend’s Soho & Nolita Chic Boutiques shopping tours. Offer good: May 7, 8, 9.

To book: www.shopgotham.com. Code: Mom10.



NYC Designer Sample Sales Heat Up for April

March 31st, 2010

April marks the time spring sample sales commence – just in time for your own wardrobe fix.  Shop Gotham will take you to the very best of the day but more importantly, to our own private partner showrooms, for wholesale shopping no one else can access! www.shopgotham.com to see our schedule of Garment Center tours

a Day in the Life of Shop Gotham: Uniglo and +J – steal the show

February 19th, 2010

So… we at Shop Gotham recently took some major fashion magazine editors shopping. Would love to drop names but  alas, cannot. Suffice it to say, these stylin’ gals have seen it all and then some. They had just come from the top 2010 fashion “shows” in Bryant Park, have been courted directly by all important designers and likely over time received plentiful freebies. So we hit some of the uberfab independents in NYC.  Yes, they loved Kirna Zabete, Deco Jewels, and Opening Ceremony. But where did they drop their $?? At UNIGLO!!! They were pumped up about the new + J line (Jil Sander), specifically the black jackets in 3 lengths, which are oh so Prada reminiscent, but a mere $79- $99. Who would have thunk?   www.shopgotham.com


A shout out to Conrans NYC

January 6th, 2010

As we troll the streets generally in search of new compelling fashion outlets, we cant help but stumble into other fab nyc locales. Conrans, a modernist  hub for home decor, accessories and misc kitsch happens to excel at Bathroom furniture & accessories. From unusually shaped medicine cabinets to uber-cool soap holders in organic materials (these you can even pack up on your bag & take home on the plane), its a stop worth making. www.conrans.com