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Why Take a NYC Fashion Shopping Tour with Shop Gotham

So.. you are coming to New York City and determined to get some shopping in. Crazy not to.. as the wealth of options here is virtually endless. Where to start? With the multitude of neighborhoods overflowing with options, how do I not end up in Macys or Bloomies because I dont know the landscape?

Shop Gotham shopping tours will take you by the hand to an individual neighborhood and target the stores worth shopping at. And extend exclusive store discounts. And all the while you will get a feel for and learn about the neighborhoods. Succinct and successful. Or perhaps you want to go where others cant? Then the Garment Center “insider” shopping tour is for you. Wholesale houses. yesiree!

Then take the other days to wander aimlessly and see what you stumble upon.  For more information on Shop Gotham’s NYC shopping tours, please visit: www.shopgotham.com

Sweet 16 shopping programs and Private Shopping tours also available