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NYC Event of the Week

Armory Arts Week 2014

Looking for something “New York” to do this week?
New York’s world-famous Armory Arts Week just began! In celebration of New York’s unparalleled artistic communities, Armory Arts Week works to highlight the distinct art scenes of our city’s multiple neighborhoods and boroughs. A different neighborhood is celebrated each day throughout the week and public programs are offered in conjunction with this.
Exhibits for collectors and casual art lovers alike are happening on Pier 92&94—showcasing works from hundreds of galleries around the world! Explore, network, play and indulge in your creative side!
For more information on the special events calendar and other exhibits please visit the website at: http://www.thearmoryshow.com/armory_arts_week/events.html

Need some beautiful people in NYC to help out with your biz?

Came across this marvelous “under the radar” company recently. Ever wonder where those people come from that offer you those tasty new treats  to try on the street? Or how that charity managed to score 10 beautiful/stylish men and women to run the check-in table?  Mustard Lane has a stockpile of trained, talented (and it doesn’t hurt that they are all gorgeous) people to help companies promote their events. As they say, they can help you “promote, serve, smile, pour, hang and dish”. One stop shopping. Too bad you can’t take them home.