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NYC Sample Sales Hit High Gear Earlier than Ever

Wow, it looks like the designers have lots of overstock this season. Where as early December always offers the motherload, it seems November is NOW the time to seek out those big names. 

Come along with Shop Gotham as we hunt down the sensationally worthy of the lot. Starting November 15th, Garment Center “insider” tours run 3 times a week. Got a long weekend in NYC, join our monday afternoon tour. What’s better than coming home with a little NYC in your bag! ?www.shopgotham.com for the scoop!

Fashion Night Out NYC 2010

For those who did not have the opportunity to experience this “happening”, last week’s Fashion Night Out in NYC was like Halloween meets New Year’s Eve meets the best party ever – and all on a gloriously warm night.  The site for us: Madison and Fifth Ave. Hordes were turned out in their finest fashion. And there were hordes. So many, .. that most peeps had to walk in the street to get from point A – B. Stores were awash with celebs(we spotted the Olsen Twins in Barneys, Seth Meyers from SNL exiting Prada, Patti Smyth singing in Bulgari while Rita Wilson stood by enjoying), champagne, special tricks, & special displays. Was anyone shopping and buying? cant really say, but it was a high spirited and happy evening for NYC .  www.shopgotham.com

The Perfect NYC Girlfriend Getaway

So.. in addition to planning hundreds of shopping tours each year –  for large and small groups, we are most often asked what else should visitors do in NYC while here.  If you are like us, when traveling with the “girls”, you prefer to see a little traditional tourism, take in a bunch of local culture and do a whole lot of shopping.

NYC offers so much that don’t think you can possibly do it all. Even in a month. But for a long weekend, here is just one suggested itinerary for an action packed Girls spring weekend in NYC: (Fri – Sun)


  • Friday morning: Hit Central Park by 8am and enjoy a Good Morning America concert in the Park. (enter at 72nd street and 5th Ave)
  • Post concert stroll to the CP Boathouse and enjoy a casual cup of coffee & bagel outside at cafe tables.
  • Stroll Central Park for an hour. Its truly AMAZING!
  • Walk the Diamond District – 47th – between 5th and 6th Avenue ( you wont believe your eyes)
  • Midday: Take in Rockefeller Center. Stroll the shops, enjoy lunch at one of its restaurants,  resting  up for your shopping to come 
  • Then head across the street and spend the afternoon at Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • Nap at hotel
  • Pre-dinner, have a cocktail at one of the many hotel roof top bars, such as The Empire or Penninsula.
  • Dinner at a wonderful NYC restaurant


  • Take a Shop Gotham Soho & Nolita Chic Boutiques Tour. www.shopotham.com (11am – 1:30).
  • Lunch outside in Little Italy
  • Spend rest of afternoon shopping Soho & Nolita with your exclusive store discounts.
  • Nap
  • Dress for theater – (pre-order those tickets!)
  • Enjoy light post-theater dinner


  • get up early, grab a coffee and either:
  •  walk the Brooklyn Bridge or
  • rent bikes at Bike & Roll and ride the wonderful bike path along the  West Side of NYC. This will take you all the way downtown – close enough for a good view of The Statue of Liberty
  • Head to the Meat Packing District for an al fresco brunch and shopping .
  • Walk to the West Village for a bit more shopping – making sure to find Bleeker street.
  • Go back to hotel, pack up your new belongings and sleep on the plane.

Love Shop Gotham