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What to expect: Garment Center tour in August

July 30th, 2013

Are  you looking for end of summer blow out sale items and sample pieces? Perhaps you’d like to gain a sneak peek at upcoming fall trends and shop these items at wholesale? Either way, the Garment Center tour has got you covered! If you are looking for something fun to do in NYC this summer, August is a wonderful time to take a shopping tour with Shop Gotham. Seasonal transition means lots of merchandise for a variety of shopping.

The Christmas Sweater!

November 26th, 2012

Once the domain of grandmothers and craft-fair habitues, the Christmas sweater is cool again.  This week the Shop Gotham blog presents three fabulous options for those desperate to don this seasonal classic.  All can be found on a Shop Gotham shopping tour, of course!

Top Shop

This British invasion quickly became a fashionista haven when it opened its doors a few years ago.  It is still the only Top Shop in New York City, and one of three locations in the United States.  Its four floors of dizzying fashion delight tourists on our Shop Gotham Soho/Nolita tour. You can find this adorable snowman sweater there at a VERY reasonable price…


Uniqlo debuted their collection of Christmas sweaters immediately after Halloween to great acclaim.  They have partnered with a Parisian artists’ collective called Andrea Crews to make some truly unique “jumpers,” as the Brits say.  Check out www.uniqlo.com for more information… or let us take you to the one on Broadway!

Opening Ceremony

This small boutique defines style in NYC, and guess what they’re featuring this season?  You guessed it:  the ever-chic Christmas sweater.  From this $58 tartan sweater by KTZ to this see-through knit crewneck sweater for $780, Opening Ceremony has something for everyone in just about every price range.  But the Howard Street store is hard to find… so let us show you on our Soho/Nolita tour!

Our favorite sweater at Opening Ceremony

We hope to see you soon!

What to Wear in NYC when visiting in March?

March 8th, 2012
As the transition month, March (like Sept) can be tricky. Fur or no fur? light colors yet? hmmm. If you are visiting New York this March, you have undoubtedly done a little research and know that New York has had an unseasonably warm winter . But it is still technically winter, so what lies ahead is unknown. Lets start with Coats: Until mid March, fur collars and capes only.  Ditch your full length number; it wont look chic anymore this season.  Once we approach April, leave all fur items home.  Instead, pack your wool and lined leather coats along with some chic scarves for the evening nip. Apparel: Despite the bright hues of the spring racks, its not quite time to don everything. Dark brights, yes. Pastels, not so much. Happen to own red or midnight blue jeans. Absolutely pack them. Otherwise, jeans and lightweight darker items are just right for this time of year. Footwear: Boots are now a 12 month accessory. However, Uggs and snow boots will not be needed. Suede, leather, high, low, booties.. all good.  Pumps and dark colored sandals for nightime activities- absolutely. As always, keep in mind, that New York casual is not the same as run-to-the-mall in some suburbs casual. Ill fitting shorts and bulky sweaters. Please no! Sneakers – the type which should only be seen in the gym – not shopping attire here. Clean, simple chic. You can do it! And if you want some assistance, Shop Gotham shopping tours can be one answer. Please visit us at www.shopgotham.com

Does this make me look fat?

April 5th, 2011

Common Dressing Room Question

At Shop Gotham we hear that question over and over.  But guess what?  Sometimes it’s not you, honey, it’s the store.  Blogger Ryan O’Connell posted this hilarious list of stores guaranteed to make you feel fat! See if your favorites (or least favorites) made the list by clicking on the link!

One- time only Shopping Tour Discount

September 17th, 2009

The visitors are leaving NYC, soon to return again. In the meantime, enjoy a 1st and last time Shop Gotham shopping tour special discount. 25% off tickets for any Regularly scheduled tour tours for the remainder of Sept. Max: 2 tickets per buyers. www.shopgotham.com. discount code: Sept09. See ya on the streets!