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NEW York City: things to do Labor Day Weekend

Coming to NYC Labor Day weekend? Perhaps you want to shop til you drop on Friday and then hit the city highlights or the sandy beach over the weekend? Shop Gotham’s Soho/Nolita Chic Boutiques Shopping tour is a fabulously efficient way to both SHOP and SEE NYC.  The coolest of indie boutiques, exclusive store discounts and fun fun fun. Great for teens and adults. For more info. or to book: www.shopgotham.com

Father and daughter’s take on Shop Gotham NYC Shopping Tour

“Excellent Tour of SOHO / NOLITA shops”

Dad’s Review – This was a father / daughter trip to New York to celebrate my daughter’s high school graduation. She picked out this tour and we were very glad that she did. We never would have wandered into some of the stores that we visited and we made purchases in almost every shop. We had the honor of having Marla as our guide and she was very knowledgable and helpful. My daughter wears a size 5 shoe and always has problems finding shoes. Marla took the rest of the group to a clothing store and while they shopped, she took my daughter and me to a couple of shoe stores in search of the petite footwear. Marla was flexible with the shops we visited on the tour and catered to the needs of the group. The tour gives you a taste (and a map) of the area and time goes by quickly. We ate lunch in Little Italy and then shopped some more. We only used the tour discount in one store, but found a lot of good sales in the shops that we visited.

Daughter’s Review – This was probably one of the most favorite parts of this trip! Marla was very nice and was very knowledgable of SoHo & NoLita. There were little shops that we would have never looked at or given a second look to if it weren’t for this tour. We were given a map & a few stores that we would be going to along with some that we wouldn’t. This map helped SO much when we went back a day later to go shop some more. I loved how descriptive it was. Everything from the price range, to what kind of styles they carry, even to the address! Marla showed us the first departments store along with some historical tidbits, which were really cool. She was also very helpful with my small foot problem. I had tons of fun and wish we could have extended it! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone! Five stars!

What to wear in NYC june 2011

Visiting NYC this month and wondering what to wear? If you havent heard, NYC did not get spring this year. We went right from winter to summer. So expect temps in 80’s during the day: 60’s- 70’s at night. 

If you are touring, going to museums, doing the landmark visits, the key is always comfortable stylish shoes. This is a walking city and wherever you are going, anticipate some walking to get there and afterwards, while you hunt for a cute cafe to relax. Women: casual dresses and “current” capris are always in style here. Pair with low espadrilles or cute flat sandles. UNLESS you are 20 something, size 0-2, short shorts is not a good look!!.   On the same note, baggy old longer shorts is not the NYC way here either. Think city, not barbecue. Casual, but stylish!

Want some help picking summer pieces, call on Shop Gotham NYC shopping tours.


Why All Saints in Soho is a winner

If you like black, grey and brown hues with a bit of a vintage twist, a bit of Goth Romantic, this store is a go-to for you.  If you are a Brit, All Saints is old news. For we Americans its a refreshing new destination, good for the stylish woman ages 20- 50 who can’t afford Alexander McQueen, but wishes she could. Who still covets quality feel-good leather, cool well-fitting tees and the kind of dress suitable for urban trenedy dining. Who will spend $180 on a great top (or wait for the 50% off sale). The new location on Broadway in Soho does diminish its appeal, with  neighbors such as Top Shop and H & M. But space they have, which can only be found on this maddening mall-like Ave. Fall will likely be the best time to shop All Saints, as its colors are more suitable.      ALL Saints, 512 Broadway (Spring & Prince)