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Fashion Bloggers in Our Showrooms

This week we hosted a group of fashion and beauty bloggers from the local New York area on a Garment Center tour. As it happens, we are in the height of sample sale season. Not only did the bloggers love our wholesale showrooms, but the sample sales we chose for the shopping itinerary that day were also booming! Custom group tours are one of our primary services and we especially love to create itineraries for the fashion savvy! #shopgotham

January and February price breaks on New York City Shopping Tours

If you are coming to NYC in January or February you have so much to look forward to.  Hot Broadway show tickets can be found, every restaurant will be welcoming and even specialty programs such as Shop Gotham’s New York City shopping tours begin their seasonal low rates.  But is there anything left you buy, you ask? Are you kidding,? This is NEW York City! Whether cool only-in-New York indie shops are what you crave,  seeing the inside of a designer’s showroom, or having someone take you by the hand to show you what’s what, Shop Gotham tour’s are fun, savvy and very New YAWK. For details, visit www.shopgotham.com