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3 Spectacular Days in Aspen, CO (late spring/summer)

Introduction: I am Marla, founder of Shop Gotham, longtime NYC  lover and dweller, extensive traveler and perpetual explorer.  My favorite trips are brief: 3-4 days, long enough to see, touch, taste and revel in the best of each place, with minimal recovery and less packing.  While I do take longer trips – such as those abroad – I will still condense each article to a Perfect 3 days.

I am awakened by new environments and intrigued by different cultures, yet as a longtime Urban dweller in THE MOST urban of dwellings, I find myself seeking out places with a certain je ne sais quoi: an energy,  a visual stimulation, options and always always, a good coffee spot to people watch.   Thus, these travel guides come from the heart and mind of a New York City girl.

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