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New Stores Soho NYC

Each Season 20 new stores open in Soho and Nolita nyc. (which means of course, many have gone bye bye as well) How is a visitor to know where to shop? what’s new and worthwhile? what stores one has researched which is now gone? May be suggest a Shop Gotham Soho & Nolita Chic Boutiques shopping tour?  We know whats what, including where the coveted Sample Sales live. Spring break to NYC in your future? Bringing your family to NYC for a little fun jaunt. All good reasons. www.shopgotham.com

Spring Break in New York City!!

In New York City the snow has melted and people can once again roam the streets without risking frostbite.  We are getting busy here at Shop Gotham with more tourists than ever coming to our wonderful city.   If you’re coming to New York and you want to a.) get your shopping fix, b.) escape the crowds, c.) explore some of New York’s most best neighborhoods on foot, consider signing up for a Shop Gotham shopping tour!  Take advantage of our exclusive discounts to get the newest spring fashion.  Book your tour in April and take advantage of sample sales galore.  What could be better?  It’s spring, it’s fashion, it’s New York!