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Why Bother Visiting Central Park when in NYC?

You come from a town with its own lovely parks, so you say to yourself, why waste my previous NYC visit on yet another? When I can be taking in Broadway shows, trying out the infinite choices of cuisine, seeing the landmarks I have seen only in the movies and shopping in the greatest shopping mecca in the world?

Because Central Park is worth a visit. 7 miles of respite and eye candy for the local and traveler. It seems as if every inch was choreographed for something wondrous to behold. So grab a camera , a pair of comfortable shoes and picnic blanket and make sure to take a break from the excitement of NYC in a honk-free zone.

Student Group Shopping Tours are so much fun!

A custom shopping program took place this past Saturday in Soho. The Student Group Tour consisted of 500 students from over the world. This 4 hour tour commenced in the West Village, the historical NYC hub for music and home to the rock/folk movement of the 60’s and 70’s. Our students learned about historical landmarks, cast iron architecture, historical music venues, and major musicians and artists of that time. This tour also included a meet and greet with fashion and jewelry designers, exclusive shopping discounts at our partner stores in SoHo, as well as the exploration of the beautiful and unique Soho/Nolita neighborhoods.
If you are looking for something fun and educational to do for your students visiting NYC, let us customize a shopping tour for your student group! Rest assured, you will enjoy it too!

Things to do in NYC October 2012

After you have shopped til you dropped with a Shop Gotham New York City shopping tour, we recommend you visit the iconic Lincoln Center. See a broadway show such as War Horse, the legendary Metropolitan Opera or The NY philharmonic. Or simply walk the beautiful grounds to get away from the fray of midtown.

NYC Holiday Shopping – Garment Center tour conclude December 21st

If you are coming to NYC to shop and have your eye on Showrooms and Sample Sales – these hot NYC phenomena, the time is NOW. Shop Gotham’s Garment Center “insider” tours conclude on December 21st.
For more information and schedules, visit www.shopgotham.com

Does this make me look fat?

Common Dressing Room Question

At Shop Gotham we hear that question over and over.  But guess what?  Sometimes it’s not you, honey, it’s the store.  Blogger Ryan O’Connell posted this hilarious list of stores guaranteed to make you feel fat! See if your favorites (or least favorites) made the list by clicking on the link!

Student Groups in NYC

Students need to be both engaged and entertained. Shop Gotham’s NYC fashion/education/shopping programs provide a quality, constructive, yet lighthearted experience for high school and college students.

Each Student program is based in a specific and enticing NYC neighborhood, where fashion reins. Itineraries can include: visits to showrooms and press-worthy stores; meet & greets with local designers; merchandising & marketing talks and naturally… shopping!  See the trends launched in NYC, the places made famous by Project Runway and the sought after Sample Sales.

Tours are best suited to fashion and/or marketing students, although all are welcome.

Give your students the gift of style in NYC.

www.shopgotham.com for more information

or call: 917-599-6650

A Day in the Life of a NYC Shopping Tour

michael kaye designWhile escorting a student group recently from Canada on a Shop Gotham Garment Center student tour program, we were invited into the showroom of Michael Kaye, hot formal-wear designer (Michael Kaye Couture), who also happens to be from the groups’s same home town of Alberta.  Mr. Kaye received  The Fashion Group International’s 2004 RISING STAR AWARD (the same given to Zac Posen – not bad). He Kaye delighted the group with stories of the industry. What a thrill it was for these young fashion aspirants. You never know what can happen to you in NYC! www.shopgotham.com