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Father and daughter’s take on Shop Gotham NYC Shopping Tour

“Excellent Tour of SOHO / NOLITA shops”

Dad’s Review – This was a father / daughter trip to New York to celebrate my daughter’s high school graduation. She picked out this tour and we were very glad that she did. We never would have wandered into some of the stores that we visited and we made purchases in almost every shop. We had the honor of having Marla as our guide and she was very knowledgable and helpful. My daughter wears a size 5 shoe and always has problems finding shoes. Marla took the rest of the group to a clothing store and while they shopped, she took my daughter and me to a couple of shoe stores in search of the petite footwear. Marla was flexible with the shops we visited on the tour and catered to the needs of the group. The tour gives you a taste (and a map) of the area and time goes by quickly. We ate lunch in Little Italy and then shopped some more. We only used the tour discount in one store, but found a lot of good sales in the shops that we visited.

Daughter’s Review – This was probably one of the most favorite parts of this trip! Marla was very nice and was very knowledgable of SoHo & NoLita. There were little shops that we would have never looked at or given a second look to if it weren’t for this tour. We were given a map & a few stores that we would be going to along with some that we wouldn’t. This map helped SO much when we went back a day later to go shop some more. I loved how descriptive it was. Everything from the price range, to what kind of styles they carry, even to the address! Marla showed us the first departments store along with some historical tidbits, which were really cool. She was also very helpful with my small foot problem. I had tons of fun and wish we could have extended it! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone! Five stars!

Memorial Day Weekend 2011 in NYC – things to do

Coming to nyc for Memorial Day weekend? Perhaps engage in what we do best here. Shop! Shop Gotham’s Soho & Nolita shopping tours offer the best of everything:  unearthing New York City’s oh so cool independent boutiques while  enjoying exclusive discounts and learning all about these uber fashiont and charming neighborhoods. Follow-up with a fabulous brunch. Shopping and fashion for the holiday weekend. Whats a better girls get together activity in NYC? What more could you want? for info. and tickets: www.shopgotham.com