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3 More Reasons NYC Rocks

3 More Reasons NYC Rocks

1) Almost All Shops are open on Sunday (exception: upper Madison avenue). We recommend taking our Soho & Nolita shopping tour at noon on Sunday. Wake up late. Take your tour. Follow it by a late leisurely lunch at a charming cafe in Soho or Nolita. Shop some more. Drag your bags home. Take a nap. A perfect sunday.

2)Cover bands at BBKings. Almost any musician you have ever loved is represented at BBkings by a “look-alike band”, who are often as good as the real deal. Typically $15. Civilized environment with food & bev.

3)Philharmonic in Central Park. True that about a zillion other people also show up to picnic under the stars. But there is always a patch of grass to snag and hey, its the NY Philarmonic for free! July 17 2009.

Shopping tours, NYC – May 21 Deal

Shop Gotham’s weekly deal: 20% off the May 22, Soho & Nolita shopping tour. Fabulous independent boutiques, sample sales and all that makes NYC the best shopping in the world. www.shopgotham.com.    Code: May 22 

Tours max at 12 persons so tickets are very limited. Save  on the tour, more for your spring 2011 clothing and wardrobe


NYC Sample Sales Coming Our Way Soon

We like to give a heads-up about the Sample Sale “high” season. Typically, it commences mid-november, but our recession radar claims we can expect an early onslaught.    By early november, the designer for much less options will make your head swirl. As always, Shop Gotham will vet out the worthwhile from the junk-

See Shop Gotham Garment Center “insider” tours.


What’s Hot in NYC Right Now…

A bold piece of jewelry can be the perfect way to spice up the basic, light pieces we so enjoy during the summer. As an NYC teen reporting to you from the streets of Manhattan, I can say that big statement necklaces are the perfect way to accent your outfits right now. Instantly transform a simple summer dress into an evening stunner with ribbon pieces like this one from J Crew (left), which comes in pink and black, and this beauty from Made Her Think:


Bib necklaces are also an awesome way to add some flair to a simple tank/blazer combo or your favorite Little Black Dress. Check out this one from BR (top) or, if you’re feeling daring, this Top Shop beaded piece:


All of these styles and many more can be found in the chic boutiques of NYC. Let our Shop Gotham tours take you there and get exclusive deals on this amazing trend. Book now!