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NYC Shopping Tours – This Week’s Deals

Save 15% off (2) tours this week. More to spend on your new wardrobe:

This week’s Deals

Wednesday, June 22, Garment Center “Insider” Shopping Tour. To book. www.shopgotham.com. code: june22

Friday, June 24, Soho & Nolita Chic Boutiques Shopping Tour : To book: www.shopgotham.com. code: june 24

NYC Designer Sample Sales Heating UP

Coming to NYC between June 14 and june 24? Then you are in luck! Spring & Summer designer sample sales are HEATING UP. Get deals up to 80% off on hot  names like Tory Burch, Milly & AKA.  Shop Gotham is ready to take you there on our Garment Center “Insider” Shopping tours, every Wednesday and Friday.  For details and booking, see: www.shopgotham.com

Steve Buscemi in NYC – june 1st, cool stuff to do in NYC

Shop Gotham loves to report “under the radar” stuff happening in NYC.  Here is a great example. On Wed, June 1st, come listen to a talk between Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire and John Strasberg, son of the famous Lee. discussion topic: the artistic process. Hosted by the Accidental Repertory Theater, the $60 fee is a  part of a fundraising effort for this sublime small theater company. Best part: small audience and ability to meet Steve B. how cool. !

here is how: http://www.accidentalrep.org/