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Things to Do on Mondays NYC New York City – Take a Private Shopping Tour

February 23rd, 2012
Mondays in some citys can be deadly quiet. Sure .. even in New York, some theater and museums are closed, but most activities are alive and welcoming. Monday happens to be a great day to shop! Weekend visitor have departed and the work force, is well ..working. Stores are restocked and quiet and welcoming.
If the landscape of NYC’s myriad of neighborhoods feels overwhelming, a shopping tour may be the way to go. Targetting what you desire, Shop Gotham will create a tight and energetic itinerary to help you shop, see and achieve. Soho & Nolita, the Meat Packing District, Designer consignment shops and even the Wholesale showrooms and sample sales of the Garment Center.

See:www.shopgotham.com for more details or email [email protected]