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What's the deal with Uggs?

We recently took some swank Parisian girls shopping in Soho. All they wanted was Uggs. Why? turns out they are about a 1/3 of the price as in Europe.  We understand the power of the Euro, but not why an Australian brand would be so much cheaper here. Nevertheless, upon reaching the store, we found it to be the busiest one in all of Soho and nearly out of stock.  Tip for the day. Buy them online!

Vintage Favorite for Teens

vintage dressVintage apparel is genuinely hot in NYC. Lots of it and sought-after. But… depending on the neighborhood, it can be mighty pricey for “used goods”. If your teen is bent on checking out NYC vintage wearables, head directly to Zachary’s Smile. Part vintage “inspired”, part real deal, its not “designer laden”, but it does have cool and price appropriate duds with a big nod to the 70’s.  Recently, they have added a basement area; most items under $29 bucks. We like the Soho/Noho locale:  Zachary’s Smile 317 Lafayette (btw Houston & Bleeker)