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What to Wear in NYC in April 2017 for REGULAR Women

Ah . .the daunting question for all travelers. What to pack, what to wear. Especially when visiting a stylish city like New York.

If you have a little style in you, but like most women, do Not follow all the fashion “ins” of each season or run out to replace your  wardrobe at the first hint of a new season, here is a fool proof and simple packing list for April in NYC. (for age 30 –  80)

Women in NYC try to bring some style to their outings. Baggy shorts and Nikes are never in style here. Either are dresses several inches above the knee unless you are in your 20’s with killer legs.

How to Wear Florals If You're Not a Girly-Girl

Temps are in typically in the 60’s. Much sun but also expect and prepare for a couple of days of scattered rain

For Daytime:  
ACTIVITY: Shopping, Museum perusing, Central Park strolling, casual lunching, taking in an iconic site, touring
WEAR: Platform sneakers, well fitting current jeans, long sleeve cotton top, leather jacket, fedora
ACTIVITY: Broadway Matinee, Nice lunch
WEAR: Well fitting jeans, short boots, nice top, jean jacket

For Evening
ACTIVITY: Early or late dinner, Broadway Show
WEAR: Cropped jeans,  booties with stacked heel, nice top and well fitting current blazer
ACTIVITY: Chic restaurant
WEAR: Floral dress with jean jacket and heeled booties OR
Cropped jeans, off the shoulder top (if you are able) OR jumpsuit with jean jacket and heels

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  • Broadway matinees,


NYC Shop Gotham Blog

East Coast vs. West Coast Fashion Camps!

Even though the weather outside is frightful, some of you might be thinking about what to on your next vacation– summer vacation, that is.  Listed here are two SG-approved Fashion Camps for budding fashionistas on both sides of the continent.  If you’re from middle America and you know of a great fashion camp near you, be sure to tell us about it!  We’ll post on the blog.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

Fashion Camp NYC

We admit to a slight partiality when it comes to this camp because it takes place here in New York.  But for several weeks each summer, the City throbs with fashion-lovers who get to go behind the scenes of the fashion industry.  With sneak peeks into the showrooms and offices of Juicy, Marc Jacobs, and other big-name designers, this camp offers a teen an experience she’ll not soon forget!  Interested in fashion camp but can’t squeeze it in this summer?  Come take the Shop Gotham Garment Center tour for a preview of the fashion action.

Fashion Camp OC

This West Coast establishment takes the training of its fashionistas seriously!  Offering courses for children as young as seven all the way through to adulthood, Fashion Camp OC teaches all sorts of skills to prepare a person for a career in the industry.  They offer classes in sketching, designing, styling, and fashion shows, among many, many others.  And this isn’t just a summer camp.  They are currently accepting enrollment for classes offered over the winter school break.  So what are you waiting for?

What to Wear When Visiting NYC September, October, Fall 2011

Season has changed. And quickly. One day it’s a sunny sweltering 87 degrees, and the next day it’s 60, cloudy and chilly. Visting NYC in the coming weeks and have no idea what the natives wear ? Here are some seasonal do’s and dont’s:
Sure Bets
Boots or booties- check! Dark colored sandals – check! Light weight leather jacket- check! Light weight cashmere cardigan – check!  Jeans – always
Please Don’t!
Fur (not yet), shorts, pastel cotton items, light colored sandals, sundresses, heavy wool coats
Sure Bets:
Anything wool or heavier fabrics in grey, black, brown, winter white.   Fur collars on jackets, jeans! (always)
Daytime sandals, cotton pastel scarves, full fur coats,
For assistance on how to dress your best and where to buy it, visit: www.shopgotham.com, NYC Shopping Tours


NYC Shopping July 4th weekend 2011

Shop Gotham shopping tours are running Friday, July 1st. 

For great deals on designer clothing, check out the Garment Center “Insider” shopping tour for women. 

To see what is “on trend” in the world, check out the Soho & Nolita Chic Boutiques shopping tour.  Bundles of exclusive store discounts and targetted sales as well.

For the Weekly Shop Gotham deal, check out our front page often!

 For more information or to book, please go to www.shopgotham.com. Tours max at 12 persons!

Shop Gotham launches first NYC Mens Shopping Tour

For the past ten years, female visitors to NYC have come to rely on Shop Gotham for insider shopping tours. On Feb. 18th, Shop Gotham adds a new feather to its proverbially stylish cap with the addition of a Men’s shopping tour to its regularly scheduled roster of programs. Shop Gotham knows that the fashion-savvy male tourist is underserved in the current market and hopes to attract clients of all ages and inclinations who have come to New York in hopes of finding more exciting fashion options than what is being offered back home.  

Commencing on February 18th, the 3-hour Men’s NYC Shopping Tour: Fashion, Home & Art for the Discerning Man, will take guests into the newly-chic Bowery district and then wind through the neighboring ever-fashionable Soho and Nolita, showcasing a well-edited selection of stops frequented by locals ”in the know.” From wallet-friendly contemporary clothing to upscale designer splurges, this eclectic tour offers a full range of possibilities for the discerning, stylish male. Gentleman shoppers will also visit a celebrated art or photo gallery, a men’s grooming emporium and a plush designer home store or two for the ultimate New York City keepsake

What makes this extra special is being led by a New York City stylist. Groups will be kept to a maximum of 8 persons so that all can benefit from his sharp eye and sense of style and nuance. The stylist/guide will assist with selections, aid the indecisive guy and share the latest fashion trends at every turn.

Guests will also enjoy special insider perks, such as exclusive store discounts, the chance to meet a local designer, and occasional showroom or sample sale visits.  As with all Shop Gotham tours, they will get a sense of the history and stories behind these dynamic New York City neighborhoods. 

It’s the perfect tour for men who either love fashion, home design and art or want to learn more about any of these respective categories.  It’s also great for guys looking for something different to do, while actually getting to see the city they are visiting.  

 Tours run Every Friday at 2pm, commencing on February 18, 2011. Introductory prices for February and March.

 For more information or to purchase tickets, please see: www.shopgotham.com

Phone: 917-599-6650