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What to Wear in NYC: Spring 2013 Edition

Shop Gotham likes to lend a helping hand when it comes time to pack.  Right now, some woman, somewhere, is staring down a suitcase trying to decide what to bring and what to leave behind.  While a big part of this decision will be made based on itinerary (Broadway show?  Pub tour of Greenwich Village?  Soho/Nolita shopping tour?), listed below are a few spring trends that might help you figure out what to bring… or what to buy!  Enjoy!

1.  Go green!

We’re not talking about buying organic milk or being sure to recycle.  (Although you should, of course!)  No, we mean that green is THE color of the season.  Experiment with shades of mint, pistachio and emerald.  It works well as an accent piece (such as this gorgeous necklace, pictured), or head to toe in a dressy Easter dress, complete with heels.  This is a bold color that will make you feel not only beautiful, but right on trend!

2.  Wear leather.

Seriously?  In the spring? Yes!  Absolutely.  This season designers are treating leather like it were any other fabric, dyeing it, cutting it into feminine shapes, and draping it in new ways.  The result is a soft, paper thin material that flows well, leaving you feeling cool and super feminine.  Steer clear of anything with grommets or studs, and buy a statement piece, like a leather tunic or skirt, that you can pair with delicate lace or sheer fabric.

3.  Stripes, stripes, stripes

Last season’s color-blocking trend has mellowed into a super preppy fascination with nautical-looking stripes.  These crisp, clean lines always make a girl feel spiffy.  And contrary to popular belief, stripes DO NOT MAKE YOU LOOK FAT!  It’s a matter of knowing how to wear them.  Vertical lines are slimming, while horizontal ones can be used to balance proportion.  Wear them on top if you have wide hips, and on the bottom if you have a large bust.  Voila!